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Real Estate Transfers

G. A. Cooper to Stephen P. Treece, warranty deed.

Stephen P. Treece to Stephen P. Treece, Tilara T. Treece- Mc- Donald and Tilara R. McDonald

Treece, quit claim.

Willard Burdine Family Trust to Bryan L. Burdine, trust deed.

Traci Acebedo to Traci Acebedo and Colten M. Overpeck, quit claim.

Majestic Custom Homes of Lafayette Inc. to Robert A. Kraft revocable trust and Cheryl A. Kraft revocable trust, corporate deed.

Jeffery L. Willhite and Shanna L. Willhite to Cartus Financial Corporation, warranty deed.

Cartus Financial Corporation to Karl M. Johnson and Susan C. Fritz, corporate deed.

Delphi Preservation Society Inc. to Boca Holdings LLC, corporate deed.

Douglas D. Whiteman to Judith A. McBee, warranty deed.

Heath E. Gibson to Joseph M. Johnson, warranty deed.

John A Sankey and Christine

C. Sankey to Sankey Family Trust, trust deed.

Joyce A. Miller to Joyce A. Miller revocable trust, quit claim.

Ronald F. Ackerman, Donna L. Ackerman and Ronald F. Ackerman to Jason L. Allen and Jennifer L. Allen, warranty deed.

Allyson M. Marmolijo to Jared M. Marmolijo, quit claim.

Thomas R. Kennedy Sr. and Karen M. Kennedy to Jackie J. Hendrix and Richard W. Hendrix, quit claim.

Heather Rosebrock- Jeide, Heather Jeide- Rosebrock, Chad Rosebrock, Ryan Rosebrock and Kevin G. Rosebrock to Tiffany N. Rosebrock and Kevin G. Rosebrock, quit claim.

Charity J. Pratt and Sandra J. Townsend to Nina G. Williams, warranty deed.

Valentin D. Vasquez to Valentin D. Vasquez and Alicia

V. Chaltia, quit claim.

Federal tax lien

Steven Hewitt and Marisa Hewitt, $48,000.73

Sewage liens

Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District filed liens of $134.97 each against the following: Steven E. Hruska; Noel Nagy and Joshua Sales; William H. Terry and Nancy R. Terry; Mary F. Wild et al; Jay Saunders et al; Gerald Yocum; Michael S. Cauble and Donita Cauble; Brent Carlson; and Virginia L. Grant and against Deanna L. Velazquez in the amount of $148.84

Rockfield Regional Sewer District released liens against the following: Clayton Hall; Lester M. Klopfenstein Jr.; Maylana Proper and Jarmy Johnson; Roland S. Gant; Stefanie

Fuller, Hardie Hale and Karen Hale; Russell Price; and Yolanda Ballard.