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Real Estate Transfer s

Gerald N. Quinn revocable trust to Laura L. Page and Kevin R. Page, quit claim.

Mary E. Coble to C. & P. Double R. LLC, personal deed.

Edna S. McDaniel and Edna S. Helterbran to Regina M. Just, warranty deed.

Virginia L. Pearson and the estate of Donald K. Pearson to Stephen McDaniel and Edna S. McDaniel, warranty deed.

Shelia A. Eversole and Shelia

A. Meek to Douglas P. Eversole and Shelia A. Eversole, quit claim.

Douglas P. Eversole to Shelia

A. Eversole, Shelia A. Meek and Douglas P. Eversole, quit claim.

James R. Carr and Judith L. Carr to Michael A. Vinson Sr. and Amy E. Johnson, warranty deed.

Gary L. Quinn and Thomas R. Quinn to Megan L. Hall, warranty deed.

Anthony J. T. Moyers and Julie A. Moyers to Kylee Cadwallader, warranty deed.

Jeffrey H. Osterholt and Diane R. Osterholt to Judith L. Carr, warranty deed.

The Estate of Bruce L. Moore to Joy Burge, Linda Moore and James Moore, personal deed.

James Moore to Joy Burge and Linda Moore, quit claim.

Robert O. Kenworthy and Joyce A. Kenworthy to Robert O. Kenworthy life estate,

Joyce A. Kenworthy life estate and James M. Williams, quit claim.

Joel P. Redmon and Michelle L. Redmon to Nelson

R. Graybill, warranty deed.

Lynn J. Graybill and Esther O. Graybill to Karl W. Ingalls Jr., warranty deed.

Matthew Jenkins to Angela M. Garrison, warranty deed.

William Lerch and Linda Lerch to Amy M. Painter, warranty deed.

Traci Acebedo and Michael A. Acebedo Jr. to Michael A. Acebedo Jr., quit claim.

Alan D. Bridge and Iva R. A. Bridge to Marta L. Ulrich, warranty deed.

Crystal L. Gudell to Matthew S. Lushin and Laura Lushin, warranty deed.

Top Sow LLC to Jethro D. Royer and Catherine M. Royer, corporate deed.

Jethro D. Royer to Abram L. Humphreys and Ginnie F. Humphreys, warranty deed.

Teresa A. Riehle to John W. Riehle, quit claim.

Annabelle Larimore to Annabelle Larimore family trust, Annabelle Larimore life estate and Richard Larimore family trust, warranty deed.

The estate of Pollie A. Payne to Linda A. Tyner, personal deed.

Linda A. Tyner to James C. Tyner and Linda A. Tyner, warranty deed.

Mark Guckien to John Guckien, quit claim.

Charles R. Guckien, Karen S. Guckien and John Guckien to Thomas C. Guckien and Debra K. Guckien, warranty deed.

Thomas C. Guckien and Debra K. Guckien to Scott T. Guckien, warranty deed.

Scott T. Guckien to Scott T. Guckien and Amy L. Guckien, quit claim.

Brenda Jaenicke to Doug Adkins and Amanda Adkins, quit claim.

Richard L. Stout and Marlene

T. Stout to Richard L. Stout life estate, Marlene T. Stout life estate, Summer T. Fine, Todd A. Stout and Andrew

R. Stout, warranty deed.

JP Morgan Chase Bank N. A. to Mattea J. Clem, warranty deed.

Stephanie Lapcheska to Alysha Sims, warranty deed.

S. John Guckien to Scott T. Guckien, warranty deed.

Tori A. Shaffer to Chad M. Shaffer, quit claim (2).

Sheriff of Carroll County and Sandra J. Mummert et al to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB and Christiana Trust, sheriff deed.

Gabriel Beckham and Lynn J. Beckham to Todd Scheufler, warranty deed.

Brian P. Black and Vicki L. Black to Christine A. Masick, warranty deed.

Kirby S. Hall and Jessie R. Hall to Timothy D. Ruby, warranty deed.

Sky M. Piatt and Sky M. McKenzie to Devin Schlut tenhofer, warranty deed.

Majestic Custom Homes of Lafayette Inc. to Jerrid R. Wright.

Majestic Custom Homes of Lafayette Inc. to Karl S. Tharp and Janelle M. Tharp, warranty deed.

Elizabeth A. Spicka to Janae D. Price and Michael A. Lane II, quit claim.

Caleb S. Crum to Caren N. Crum, quit claim.

Hannah E. Mears to Shon J. McIlrath and Hannah E. McIlrath, quit claim.

Jerry L. Brown to George T. Shoop and Elizabeth S. Shoop, warranty deed.

Sunny Place Inc. to Khanamajra

Real Estate LLC, quit claim.

Phillip B. Mailloux and Laurie L. Mailloux to Anthony

J. Cohen, warranty deed.

Paul M. Marvin and Carol D. Marvin to Phillip B. Mailloux and Laurie L. Mailloux, warranty deed.

Jonathan A. Lewis and Ruth A. Lewis to Maria R. Knight and Patrick C. Lewis, death deed.

Jeffery W. Calloni and Jennifer

L. Calloni to Michael Woodard and Rita Woodard, warranty deed.

Delphi Community Multi- School Building Corporation to Delphi Community Multi- School Building Corporation, warranty deed.

Jocelyn Britton to Allison S. Longest and Benjamin M. Ayres, death deed.

JTM Management LLC to Wylan K. Graybill, warranty deed.

Phyllis A. Fillinger to Corey J. Fillinger and Jessica A. Young, warranty deed.

Anthony W. Sellers and Kelly S. Sellers to Tony J. Duffy and Kelli L. Duf fy, warranty deed.

Brenda S. Shanks to John A. Shanks, quit claim.

Jack Hatke and Beth Hatke to Gregory D. Little and Walquiria S. Little, warranty deed.

John D. Bowman to Lakin R. Hoss, warranty deed.

Cook Family Trust to HP LLC, trust deed (2).

Charles E. Aldridge, Cathy J. Mullens, Debra S. Aldridge, John D. Aldridge, Betty J. Aldridge life estate and the estate of Betty J. Aldridge to Eric Baenziger and Maggie M. Baenziger, warranty deed (2).

Donna A. Rider to Second Chance Rentals LLC, quit claim.

Paul Rider to Second Chance Rentals LLC, quit claim.

Lori A. Francis to Richard A. Francis, John K. Francis, Heather A. Harrington, Holly R. Perry and Rita Kintner life estate, death deed.

Janet R. Weaver and the estate of Lyle A. Weaver to Janet R. Weaver life estate, Connie Nolen- Clothier, Rodney

L. Weaver, Darrell L. Weaver and Dwight Weaver, warranty deed.

Kenneth Gross and Nancy A. Gross to Kennan Trust, quit claim.

Michael D. Glenn to Michael D. Glenn and Ashlie Caldwell, quit claim.

Darryle E. Gibson and Deanna E. Gibson to Lisa M. Jewell, warranty deed.

Dorothy M. Elston revocable living trust and Wilma J. Elston revocable living trust to Kaleb R. Chapman, warranty deed.

Domingo C. Maldonado Jr. to William D. Henry and Maria D. Henry, warranty deed.

Gene Cooper and G. A. Cooper to Stephen P. Treece, warranty deed. Real estate contract

Angela M. Garrison to Kenneth

Garrison and Suzanne Maynard. Federal tax liens

Kristopher R. Bird and Breanne

D. Bird, $13,795.31

Julie R. Gunter, $9,561.64