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Here’s the deal – I’ve been so busy since the girls left with cleaning out closets, going through cabinets, and rea rranging things I didn’t allow myself much time to write an article this week!

Yesterday I went to Helen’s to help her do applesauce.

Our hearts and minds continue to be in Georgia with Philip’s brother Lyle. He is not doing very well, having difficulty swallowing, increased seizures, isn’t eating much, and is unconscious some of the time. Stan and Sheldon are there now. It is hard to be so far away when a loved one is sick and suffering. For Lyle’s sake we are hoping this part doesn’t last long for him. It is rough… Carol’s Ladies have done a marvelous job of taking care of him at his house and hospice has been great, too. However, Alicia, Lyle’s guardian angel that was an answer to our prayers, has been really wonderful. She has become like a sister to me. She keeps us informed about what’s happening from a family type perspective. We appreciate that so much! She trims his nails and beard and makes sure he is cared for the way families care for those they love. Kevin, Lyle’s co-worker, and his wife Andrea are like family, too. They visit almost every day and send updates, pictures, and videos of what’s happening. They have blessed our family by their attentive care and the many ways they have been there for Lyle through it all. The many ways people have contributed to Lyle’s care has given us a deep appreciation for southern hospitality!



You know I like to collect interesting stories and inspirational writings. I have many I have never shared here. At times like this I go through things I’ve saved to find the perfect one to share or whatever really speaks to me at the moment. This time the “Interview With God” stood out to me. Praying it blesses you as you stop to consider the thoughts it invokes.

Interview with God

-Author Unknown

I dreamed I had an interview
with God.
“Come in,” God said. “So, you
would like to interview Me?”
“If you have the time,” I said.
I asked, “What’s the one thing
that surprises you most about
He answered:
“That they get bored of being
children, are in a rush to grow
up, and then long to be children
“That they lose their health to
make money and then lose
their money to restore their
“That by thinking anxiously
about the future, they forget the
present, such that they live neither for the present nor the future.” “That they live as if they will
never die, and they die as if
they had never lived.”
His hands took mine and we
were silent.
After a long period, I said, “May
I ask you another question?”
He replied with a smile.
“As a Father, what would you
want your children to know for
the New Year?”
Here is what He said:
“To learn what is most valuable
is not what they have in their
lives, but who they have in their
“To learn they cannot make
anyone love them. What they
can do is to let themselves be
“To learn it is not good to compare themselves to others. All
will be judged individually on
their own merits, not as a group
on a comparison basis.”
“To learn a rich person is not
one who has the most, but is
one who needs the least.”
“To learn they should control
their attitudes, otherwise their
attitudes will control them.”
“To learn it only takes a few seconds to open profound wounds
in persons we love, and that it
takes many years to heal
“To learn to forgive by practicing forgiveness.”
“To learn there are persons who
love them dearly, but simply do
not know how to show their
“To learn that money cannot

buy everything; not happiness,
not joy, not peace, not faith, not
“To learn that while at times they
may be entitled to be upset, that
does not give them the right to
upset those around them.”
“To learn great dreams do not
require great wings, but a landing gear, to achieve.”
“To learn true friends are rare;
he/she who has found one has
found a true treasure.”
“To learn a true friend is someone who knows everything
about them and loves them anyway.” “To learn it is not always enough
to be forgiven by others, but to
forgive themselves.”
“To learn they are masters of
what they keep to themselves
and slaves of what they say.”
“To learn they shall reap what
they plant; if they plant gossip
they will harvest intrigues; if
they plant love they will harvest
“To learn true happiness is not
to achieve their goals, but to
learn to be satisfied with what
they have already achieved.”
“To learn happiness is a decision. They decide to be happy
with what they are and have, or
die from envy and jealousy of
what they lack.”
“To learn two people can look at
the same thing and see something totally different.”
“To learn those who are honest
with themselves without considering the consequences go far
in life.”

“To learn even though they may
think they have nothing to give,
when a friend cries with them,
they find the strength to appease and assuage the pain.”
“To learn that holding on to
loved ones with demands and
expectations will very quickly
push them away; and by letting
go and loving them unconditionally, they will be side by side
“To learn that even though the
word “love” has many different
meanings, it loses value when it
is overstated and not backed up
by unselfish actions.”
“To learn they can never do
something extraordinary to
make Me love them; I simply
“To learn the shortest distance
they could be from Me is a
thought and a prayer.”
“To learn I am calling to them
continually to “Come, walk with
I sat there for awhile enjoying
the moment. I thanked Him for
His time and for all He has done
for me and my family. He
replied, “Anytime. I’m here 24
hours a day. All you have to do
is ask for Me, and I will answer
you. I love it when you stop by
for a chat.”
I woke up and found tears on
my cheek and a smile on my
God bless your week!

Affirmation for today: Stretch forth thy hand!” the Lord spoke to the man with the withered hand. The man stretched forth his hand and Jesus healed him there on the Sabbath day. By His stripes we are healed – Stretch forth your hand to Him today and be healed. FYI: Book #5 is almost finished! Call Susan to order Meandering Melodies books 1, 2, 3, 4 at (765) 427-6296. Email: or write to her at 7690 W. 700 S., Rossville, IN 46065.