Carroll County Comet

Business personal property tax forms on the way

The Carroll County Assessor’s Office will mail the 2023 business personal property forms (Form 102s, 103s) on Wednesday, March 1. Forms are only mailed to business and farm owners who continue to use the county forms and do not have an accountant prepare them.

Beginning in 2023, those business and farm owners who previously reported having under $80,000 in taxable assets (total cost in column A or C) are no longer required to file a return. Places of worship also no longer have to file. These taxpayers will NOT receive a form from us this month.

Forms will be available in the Assessor’s office. Not receiving a form in the mail does not excuse a business owner from filing any required paperwork. Check records, contact your accountant or contact the Assessor’s Office if you feel like you should have received a form. Forms are due to the Assessor by May 15 and there are monetary penalties for filing late.

Questions may be directed to the Assessor’s Office or visit the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) website at the address below for more information as well as the statewide personal property online filing tool, “PPOP-IN.”

The Carroll County Assessor’s Office may be reached by calling (765) 564-3444 or by email at ccassessor@carrollcountyin. gov.