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Appreciates respectful handling of situation


I would like to publicly apologize to Mr. (Vince) Burpo for the actions of my daughters last Friday morning.

The event that took place should have never happened and I am extremely sorry . What they did was very disrespectful to Mr. Burpo.

I would like to thank Mr. Burpo for allowing this incident to be a life- learning lesson for them. They are not bad kids they just made a very bad decision. I would also like to thank local and surrounding law enforcement for their part. They were professional at all times and talked to the kids and allowed them to see the error of their ways. I’m glad I live in a community with such strong family values that allows kids to learn from their mistakes and become better adults in the process.

Julie A. Dunbar


I am dismayed, disgusted, offended and outraged with the Comet’s coverage of the mounting troubles of Burlington’s long- time caregivers. It has been plenty troublesome reading the copy of daily papers from our cities east and west as they assert and maintain guilt, when guilt hasn’t been proven. But it is especially upsetting to read that the Comet has joined the ranks with the other papers stating the doctors used their businesses and the local bank to launder monies from illegal activities. First of all, it is still to be proven what, if any, illegal activities took place and secondly, it is a real stretch to attach money laundering to the offenses simply because a Kokomo police officer says so.

I believe a retraction along with an apology to the doctors and the Comet readership may be in order and perhaps a little discernment in the future.

Thank you.

Mike Radcliff

Burlington Editor’s response: The Comet did not state that Drs. Don and Marilyn Wagoner are guilty of the charges that have been lodged against them.

The Comet simply stated what charges have been brought against the couple. A court of law will determine their guilt or innocence.


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