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All city council candidates to debate Wednesday



All Delphi City Council candidates on the Nov ember Municipal Election ballot have agreed to debate their opponents Wednesday night, Oct. 2, beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the Delphi Community Center. The event will be hosted by the Carroll County Comet.

Debates will be held for Delphi City Districts 2, 3 and 4. Republican candidate Denny Myers will debate independent candidate Michael Isley for the Dist. 2 seat on the City Council. Republican Gayle Conner will debate Democrat candidate Randy Strasser and independent candidate

Anita Werling for the Dist. 3 seat and Republican Kevin Gaskill will debate independent candidate Sandy Flora for the Dist. 4 position. Each candidate in each debate will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and talk about why they are qualified for the position for which they are running before the questioning begins. Topicspecific questions will be directed to each candidate who will have adequate time to provide a substantial answer. The opponent(s) will be given the opportunity to respond to the answer provided by the candidate to whom the question was initially addressed.

Questions will be welcome from community members at the debate or they can pose questions themselves during the debate.

Each candidate will have an opportunity to provide a summation of their positions at the end of their debating time.

Delphi residents are urged to attend this event and ask questions which they believe are pertinent to the operation of the City.

Mayoral and Clerk-Treasurer Debate

The Comet will host a second debate Oct. 9 at 6:30 p.m. at the Delphi Community Center for candidates who want to fill the Clerk-Treasurer position as well as the Mayoral position next year. Current Mayor Shane Evans, an independent candidate, is being challenged at the polls by current City Council member, Republican Dale Seward.

The incumbent Clerk- Treasurer, Democrat Leanne Aldrich, is being challenged by Republican Dee Dellenbach.

The Oct. 9 debates will follow the same structure and rules as the Oct. 2 debates.

Community members are encouraged to attend and participate in both events.