The wetter the better Wildcat Creek Foundation (WCF) member David McCain points at a dark area where water typically stands in a field situated between Adams Mill Covered Bridge (visible in the background) and the mill near Cutler. McCain said WCF, a non-profit organization which helps protect areas along scenic Wildcat Creek, will soon purchase the 50-acre plot to create a recreational wetland park called Oxbow Natural Area. A portion of a levee which separates the field from the creek will be removed to allow water to fill the wetlands naturally. More trees will be planted to extend the wooded riparian buffer along the waterway and the remainder of the field will be sown in native Indiana grasses. McCain said a planned boardwalk and trail through the site will help protect the creek valley while adding to the area's potential to draw visitors. Comet photo by Kevin Schnepp 003p1_xlg.jpg