2019-02-06 / Public Records

Real Estate Transfers

Rick L. Oliver and Amy A. Craig to Rick L. Oliver, quit claim.

Robert B. McKenzie to Sandy James, quit claim.

Debra K. Dubes, Linda S. Isley, Jerry L. Dubes, Michael W. Dubes, Sheila J. Dubes, Jennifer D. Houston and Nathan W.C. Dubes to James L. Dubes, warranty deed.

Yeoman Cemetery Association to Jemele Sanderson, cemetery deed.

Yeoman Cemetery Association to Terry J. Sanderson, cemetery deed.

Lucinda J. Finkenbinder, Melinda J. Mears, Amanda J. Stroop and Miranda M. Kissick to Hilltop Properties, warranty deed.

Gerald Clawson, Jerry Clawson and Nola Clawson to Gerald Clawson living trust and Nola Clawson living trust, trust deed.

Gerald Clawson, Nola Clawson and Nola J. Clawson to Gerald Clawson living trust and Nola Clawson living trust, trust deed.

Jesse Douglass to Alfredo A. Garcia-Espinoza, warranty deed.

David A. Naville to Davis A. Naville declaration of trust, warranty deed (2).

Nancy A. Naville to Nancy A. Naville declaration of trust, warranty deed (2).

Florence M. Naville declaration of trust to David A. Naville, Gary L. Naville, Nancy A. Naville and James F. Naville, trust deed.

Bradley Sprenkel and Kristina J. Sprenkel to Zachary L. Fuller and Kaitlyn M. Flint, warranty deed.

Thomas A. Gray to Mason T. Gray, quit claim.

Patricia L. Duff to Timothy L. Conner and Sheryl L. Conner, warranty deed.

Ruth I. Anderson to Ned A. Anderson, Neal E. Anderson, Norman L. Anderson and Ruth I. Anderson life estate, warranty deed.

Bank of America N.A. to Carolyn S. Miller, warranty deed.

Randall L. Shanks and Pamela K. Shanks to Amber N. Lantz, Travis L. Shanks, Randall L. Shanks life estate and Pamela K. Shanks life estate, warranty deed.

Little Fawn LLC to James T. Hedrick and Trudie M. Hedrick, warranty deed.

The estate of Cora I. Lee and the estate of James B. Lee to James R. Lee, Bryan A. Lee and Lisa A. Hostetler, personal deed.

Bush Family Revocable Trust to Scott E. Davis and Sherri L. Davis, trust deed.

Eric C. Slifer, Marcus D. Slifer, Gabriel A. Slifer, Elisabeth Slifer and Elisabeth Bahr to Helen M. Slifer, quit claim.

Helen M. Slifer to Sharon L. Arvin and Jennifer L. McClain, warranty deed.

Donald T. Huffman and Donald Huffman to Donald T. Huffman and Alicia M. Huffman, warranty deed.

David E. Flora and Mildred F. Flora to David Flora family trust, Mildred Flora family trust, David E. life estate and Mildred F. life estate, warranty deed.

Auditor of Carroll County and Debra S. Watkins to Gary Stanley, tax title deed.

Auditor of Carroll County and Christa A. Ford to Douglas M. Hines, tax title deed.

Joy M. Matson to Joy Matson trust, warranty deed (3).

Brian Keene to KHI LAF LLC, quit claim.

LUVHDLLCandLUVHD LLC to Arthur Franklin Properties LLC and Franklin Arthur Properties LLC, warranty deed.

Troy M. Helderman and Shelly L. Helderman to Brandon Gasser, warranty deed.

Caleb S. Shields to James L. Stinson and Tiffany R. Stinson, warranty deed.

Beverly K. Pullen and Patricia L. Brake to Pullen Farms LLC, warranty deed.

Joe T. Martin and Rebecca K. Martin to Jason P. Martin, Bradley J. Martin, Joe T. Martin life estate and Rebecca K. Martin life estate, warranty deed.

Judith A. Rodenbarger, the estate of William Rodenbarger and the estate of William T. Rodenbarger Sr. to William T. Rodenbarger Jr., Timothy S. Rodenbarger and Judith A. Rodenbarger life estate, warranty deed.

John E. Gooding to Robert L. Schultz Jr. and Melissa A. Schultz, warranty deed.

Richard C. Roach revocable trust declaration dated 7-26- 2014 to Kyle W. Dyer and Courtney Dyer, trust deed.

Auditor of Carroll County and Michael E. Moeller to Amy Seedorff and Anthony Seedorff, tax title deed.

Auditor of Carroll County and Colin B. Guy to Amy Seedorff and Anthony Seedorff, tax title deed.

Auditor of Carroll County and Anthony Bitterling to Amy Seedorff and Anthony Seedorff, tax title deed.

Kerkhoff LLC to Randall W. Wood, warranty deed. UCC Fixture Filings

Rosemary Newman and Forrest E. Newman to Time Investment Company Inc.

Jordan C. Scott to Farm Servicing Agency FLP. Certificate of Assumed Business Name

Stephanie Mills for Hometown Child Care. Lien releases

Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District filed the following sewer releases: Jamie Davis; Harry J. Eddy Sr. and Victoria L. Lake; Eric E. Fischer et al; Kim Davis; Terry A. White and Lora A. White; Scott E. Davis and Sherri L. Davis; Ronetta J. Henricks (2); Michael S. Cauble and Donita Cauble; Patrick F. Manahan and Susan V.M. Manahan; Lisa Sutton (2); Richard C. Ray and Glenda L. Ray (8); Thomas V. Thomas and Pamela M. Thomas (3); Deanna L. Velazquez (2); Ronald D. Cohee and Sandra L. Cohee (5); Gerald Yocum (2); Ethan A. Tam; William H. Terry and Nancy R. Terry; Gerald Yocum (9); Kim Davis (3); Harry B. Totten; Thomas H. Gullion Jr. and Judith Gullion; Richard C. Ray; Ralph Smith and Marjorie Smith (5); Michael B. Roti and Pamela S. Roti; Steven E. Hruska (8); William C. Davenport and Jessica Davenport. Sewer lien releases

The Town of Burlington filed sewer lien releases for the following: Brock Richardson (2); Jackie Burton; Stephen Buckley; Kevin Forrest (3), Alan Davis; Rhonda Miller; Josh Plue (3); and Debra Roberts.

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