2019-01-09 / Community

‘4-H Guides in the Right Direction’

Whether young or old, everyone loves to be successful. Youth in grades 2 – 12 can join 4-H and learn life skills to “become successful.” 4-H members enjoy meeting new friends and developing teamwork skills as they work together in 4-H clubs. Adults are needed as “4-H Guides,” also known as leaders, committee members and as volunteers during the fair. 4-H offers something for everyone.

4-H helps young people develop life skills to become successful by helping them discover their interests and talents. Through hands-on learning, youth practice skills repeatedly so that the skills become part of everyday life. 4-H provides handson learning in over 70 project categories.

Last year, 4-H’ers in several projects were asked what life skills they gained through their project work. The top life skills gained by project category were: Animal Projects – responsibility, time management, planning & organizing. Poster projects – creativity, planning, design & using computers. Arts & Crafts – creativity, planning & design. Junior Leaders – leadership, responsibility, community service, and teamwork. Camp Counselors – communication, problem solving and teamwork.

Senior 4-H’ers (grades 10 – 12) have the opportunity to apply for scholarships based on the life skills they gained in 4-H. During the past 23 years, 48 Carroll County 4- H’ers have received $55,500 as part of the Indiana 4-H Accomplishment Resume Scholarship process. Jan. 25 is the deadline to apply.

For more information or to join 4-H as a member or adult volunteer, come to Super Saturday on Jan. 12 from 8:30 to 10 a.m. at the Event & Education Center or call the Carroll County Extension Office at (574) 967-3538.

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