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Trash Transfer operator throws wrench into Commissioners’ weighing trash plan

By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

Carroll County Commissioners purchased a second scale for the county’s Trash Transfer Station last fall so that all trash can be weighed to ensure across-the-board equal charging for bags and trucks full of trash. This measure was adopted after the County Council became concerned about the amount of tax dollars spent at the facility compared to the amount of revenue received.

Carol Straddling of the Indiana Northwest Solid Waste District (NSWD) recommended another scale and convinced Commissioners during a meeting more revenue would be realized when everything taken in at the station is weighed. Commissioners immediately ordered a second scale.

Kirsten Wann, the Transfer Station operator, told Commissioners at the Monday afternoon meeting, their plan was not feasible.

“I can’t weigh everything,” Wann said. “This isn’t going to work.”

Wann said she has no ability to make change for customers at the facility. She insisted to Commissioners the only way their plan could work is if the county purchased a large truck scale. She explained the one purchased is so small that if someone came in with a large truckload of rubbish, she would have to weigh some, dump it and then weigh more until the load was finished. She said contractors and others will not wait for that type of activity. Wann said she would “lose business” if she uses the scale which was just purchased.

Commissioner Steve Pearson stressed several times to Wann everything has to be weighed. Wann argued with the Commissioner and said she has a plan that would work without weighing anything. Commissioner Bill Brown directed Wann to bring her plan in writing to the Dec. 17 meeting for discussion. Commissioner John Brown, who was a proponent of purchasing the second scale and who has been the commissioner in close contact with the facility was absent from the meeting.


Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Director Mike Fincher told Commissioners he is working on a multi-phase plan to build a building and purchase a mass casualty trailer. He said he has applied for a grant for the trailer and it would be housed in the building along with surplus police vehicles and the Health Department’s trailer. He said he would move out of the courthouse to the new building and be joined by other offices such as 911 and the Coroner. Fincher said he was considering various available parcels of land that would perhaps accommodate a pistol range as well.

Other business

Commissioners approved the annual grant submission to the NWISWD for 2019.

Commissioners approved a $2,500 contract with Hartman and Williams Governmental Accounting Consultants to assist Auditor Beth Myers in developing the 2018 annual report and to continue to rectify errors from the past three years in the auditor’s office.

Commissioners tabled a request to extend a limited zoning designation for the proposed plastics plant south of Camden on Meridian Line Rd. A presentation about the project will be heard at the Dec. 17 Commissioners’ meeting.

A contract with Dr. Jordan Dutter to act as the medical director for the Emergency Medical Services for $11,508 was approved.

Commissioners approved the use of up to $400 from the NWSWD grant to be used for all county offices’ shredding needs.

The county leaders approved CR300S. in Carroll County as a portion of a local detour when INDOT performs bridge and culvert repairs on SR22 in Carroll and Howard counties.

Payroll claims for $211,669.07, early claims for $37,720.76, County General claims for $289,669.07, Highway claims for $452,069.42 and claims from tax-based departments for $82,601.60 were approved.

The next meeting will be Dec. 17 at 9 a.m.

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