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Morgue woes plague Commissioners

By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

Carroll County Commissioners decided at the Nov. 19 meeting to pursue selling the building and land in Camden used for the county morgue. They directed Attorney Ted Johnson to research and advise how to accomplish the task.

Johnson reported to the county leaders Monday afternoon two appraisals will be needed, however he said one of the appraisals could be done by someone in the community who knows about property values. He said the Commissioners would set a price for the property after that information is received.

Commissioner Steve Pearson asked Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Director Mike Fincher, who was at the podium if he had priced replacement coolers for the morgue. Fincher said he has not.

Coroner Kristen Enoch, who was in the audience, spoke up to reiterate how the current cooler sparked when last started and the building needs significant repairs. She said she heard that Pearson’s idea of putting the cooler and other supplies in the Delphi ambulance garage would be unacceptable to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Director Doug Atkisson, how- ever she did not indicate she has actually spoken with him directly.

Fincher agreed with Enoch the EMS garage would not work. Pearson asked about the garage at Carroll Manor that has recently been upgraded. Enoch said the space for the cooler is supposed to be climate controlled.

Pearson determined, after asking both Enoch and Fincher, no professional has evaluated the cooler in Camden. He said it could be less expensive to purchase a used cooler or repair the one that is there than to find a suitable new location. Commissioner Bill Brown agreed with Pearson that a professional should assess the current equipment.

Pearson agreed to contact Shane Chapman of A&H Chapman Mechanical of Camden to evaluate the cooler in the Camden morgue and recommend how to proceed with the needed equipment. Jail project

County resident and Tippecanoe Township Board member-elect Jack Begley asked about the progress for a jail project. Pearson said several times during the meeting he wants to have a public input meeting. He said he wants the public to tell the county leaders what option they want them to pursue.

It was pointed out to the Commissioners there is no information about the different options available to comment about such as building a new facility, renovating the current facility or adding on to the current jail. In addition, there has been no discussion with the Commissioners about how to reduce the jail population without doing a jail project.

It was decided an update from County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby and Elevantus, the company contracted to provide design and cost plans for three different scenarios, will be heard at the Dec. 17 meeting.

The next meeting will be Dec. 17 at 9 a.m.

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