2018-12-05 / Front Page

City to purchase 2nd SUV for police dept.

By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

The City of Delphi will soon own a second Ford SUV after Board of Works members Dick Bradshaw and Karyl Traeger voted unanimously, along with Mayor Shane Evans, to purchase a 2018 model for roughly $28,000. Delphi Police Chief Steve Mullin said he believes the resale value exceeds the difference of the cost between the SUV and a Dodge Charger, which costs $25,020.

The Chief’s written report indicated 22 case reports were opened, 11 citations were written as were two warnings and one parking ticket. The police department took 11 crash reports and issued one handgun license.

City Council

The City Council approved an ordinance for an additional appropriation of $1,062,546.64 by suspending the rules of adoption to resolve the matter on the day of introduction rather than giving it three separate readings on three separate occasions. It was stated the unbudgeted funds, which will be appropriated from the City’s General Fund, are needed to make positive balances in all accounts. The General Fund contained $4,210,498.35 surplus at the end of 2017.

Mayor’s survey

Mayor Evans announced the results of an extensive survey that included polling registered voters about how they felt about allowing golf carts to operate on city streets. Evans said 58 surveys were mailed and 19 were returned.

Results included 63 percent of the 19 respondents oppose golf carts, 52 percent support the installation of a 4-way stop at the intersection of Main and Union streets, 63 percent support legislated snow removal on sidewalks, and 83 percent support limiting times in which fireworks can be used. Community Center

Council member Mike Shockley said now that the rental fees are set for the Delphi Community Center the account in the City’s ledger can be “closed out” as far as he is concerned. Shockley thanked the community for all of the support and the volunteer labor.

Delphi resident Jayne Abbott, who works at the Comet, reminded Shockley and the other City Council members about a ribbon cutting and open house at the Community Center planned for Thursday, Dec. 6. Shockley said he knew nothing about the event. He said the Community Center Committee decided to host an open house next March.

Other Council members, along with Mayor Evans, were also surprised at the announcement. It was determined this was not a city-sponsored event.

“The City is losing control of the Community Center,” Council member Dale Seward stated.

Committee member Jeff Watson agreed with Seward. Both, along with Shockley, agreed the City should be in charge of planning for a ribbon cutting and an open house.

It was decided Evans would contact the tenant in the building, which is the Senior and Family Services, to resolve the matter. He said he would discuss the matter with Director Brenda Daly.

Evans told the Comet Tuesday morning, after a discussion with Daly, there will be an open house on Thursday, Dec. 6, but no ribbon cutting.

The next City Council meeting will be Jan. 7 at 6 p.m.

The next Board of Works business meeting will be Dec. 17 at 5:30 p.m.

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