2018-12-05 / Faith

‘Can you imagine?’

Lessons from the Heart
By Pastor Ed Selvidge

Selvidge Selvidge In the opening few lines of a song entitled, “I Can Only Imagine,” made popular by the group Mercy Me, it says, “I can only imagine what it will be like When I walk, by your side. I can only imagine what my eyes will see when your face is before me. I can only imagine.”

Can you imagine being at Jesus side, being in the very presence of God himself? We pray, we sing, we talk about God, His son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, at will. Being in his very presence, well now, that is quite another level of imagination! Can you imagine what you would experience?

Well, for the past twenty years, my wife and I have had the wonderful experience and opportunity of being the pastor and spouse of the wonderful congregation of Radnor United Methodist Church. I have also been included by Carroll County and the surrounding area as a community pastor. I want to take this opportunity to communicate to all, that we have experienced the presence of the Spirit of God as we have walked along with you, the good folks of Radnor and the people of this community. No need to imagine, we do not have to wait until that day we reach Heaven’s streets, nor do we need to postpone the joy of the very presence of God; for we have realized His love through you, your goodness and your grace.

In a word, we have a found in you, God’s amazing grace. Thank you for this opportunity to simply say “thank you” to a boatload of people. How blessed we have been to rub shoulders with you. Your love, acceptance and grace have made the journey a joy. Maryanna and I want you to know and hear our hearts as we shift gears, retire from our post at Radnor UMC, and head in a different direction in ministry.

Here is the short list: The congregation of Radnor UMC, the pastors who meet on Wednesday morning, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department, the City of Delphi, the Indiana State Police, the wonderful people in the Town of Camden, all of the firefighters and EMT personnel, the staff and administration of Delphi and Carroll school corporations, the local artists of our community, the Church of the Nazarene for allowing me to be “on loan for 20 years,” and the good people at the Carroll County Courthouse who have allowed me to come and go at my pleasure. And lastly, the Carroll County Comet for allowing we preacher-types a weekly platform to express our thoughts and ideas.

That is a very short list and please do not be offended if you feel you have been excluded. That certainly is not my intention. I truly want to thank everyone for making our time in this community so joy filled and rewarding.

Now to the most important person in my life, my wife! I do not have to imagine what it is like being in the presence of the Trinity. I have truly experienced the presence of Him through her steadfast care through it all. I truly know love, acceptance and grace by her. Thank you dear, without you, well, I just cannot imagine!

Ed Selvidge is the retired pastor of the Radnor United Methodist Church.

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