2018-11-21 / Local News

Camden receives Community Crossings grant

Town can now finish all streets
Comet staff report

The Town of Camden is on the list to receive $186,137.25 in Community Crossings funds, awarded by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). Camden’s match is 25 percent of the grant total or $45,845. The announcement was made at the Nov. 14 meeting of the Camden Town Council.

With this INDOT-sponsored funding, Camden will complete paving of every street in town over a three-year period.

Since 1998, Camden has been awarded $4.3 million in grant funding with a local match of $1,065,000, said clerk-treasurer Pat Casserly. She also said the town has a $261,000 debt for borrowed funds for the current storm water project.

Resident Pam Robison told council members she did not believe it is in the town’s best interest to allow a variance for a mini home on a town lot on Main Street.

The Town of Camden is part of Carroll County Area Plan (APC), however the town council did not adopt APC’s last ordinance. The town’s requirement is foundations must have a maximum of 1,000 square feet, while the county’s requirement is 750 square feet.

Robison said she understood the mini home would be a mini barn or shed that would be converted to a residence.

Councilmember Andy Robison said the recent variance request to APC was not made by the property owner; it was made by someone who wants to use the property.

Town attorney Anne Briggs was instructed to look into the situation.

Casserly reported the town’s tax rate will be $1.47 in 2019, down from $1.51 in 2018. “We are maintaining our cash,” she said.

Final readings were held for Ordinance 2018-3, illegal turnoff of water, and 2018-5, trash removal rates. Under 2018-3, a resident caught turning their water on following shut-off will be fined $100 and be responsible for any damages and costs incurred.

Utility Superintendent Jerry Snavely reported Peerless has been running tests on the wells and has found some minor issues. He also said the storm water project is going well.

Snavely indicated a tile under the driveway to the pond area is broken. He was told to secure costs to fix the tile.

Since it is so late in the year, Snavely recommended not paving the town’s alleys until spring. He concluded his report by saying that they are averaging five loads a day picking up leaves.

Deputy Marshal Steve Tkachuk presented the marshal’s report for October: 20 calls for service, 8 traffic contacts, 1 criminal arrest, 2 animal complaints, 2 ordinance letters, and 2 assists to another agency. There were no problems reported on Halloween.

At the recommendation of the State Board of Accounts, the council adopted Resolution 2018-F regarding cyber security as part of the town’s internal controls.

Health insurance provider Norris Insurance found a policy at a slightly lower rate that provides similar benefits to the current policy for the three town employees. The 2019 rate is $3,366 per month compared to $3,450 in 2018.

Ron Swayze, who said he may do some ditching on his property in the near future, was given permission to come on the town’s easement by about 15 feet if needed.

Electrical wiring will be run to the Bicentennial Garden for the community Christmas tree and flag spotlight.

Camden Woman’s Literary Club will host a Christmas Bazaar and tree lighting on Nov. 24 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The bazaar will be held in the Community Building with Santa Claus making an appearance between 10-11 a.m. Masons will be providing hayrides. The event will conclude at 2 p.m. with the lighting of the town Christmas tree.

The next council meeting will be at 7 p.m. Dec. 12 in the library’s reading room.

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