2018-11-07 / Public Records

Property Sales

Information shown is obtained from the county GIS database which is based on sales disclosure forms on file at the Carroll County Assessor’s Office. By law, buyers and sellers are responsible for the accuracy of information provided on the forms.


June 13 – 12238 W. Pirates Roost Rd., $310,000. Emilee S. Klemme and Neil D. Klemme to Stephen Okos and Amanda Okos.

June 14 – 8471N. 1175W., $48,800. Fallon B. Hughel lt to Ann W. Miller.

June 15 – 11241 N. Lower Lakeshore Dr., $175,000. Donald L. Powell estate to Jacqueline J. McCormick.

June 15 – 11688 W. Briarwood

Dr., $224,000. Bryan M. Wrede and Brianne N. Wrede to Ryan D. Clemons and Kelsey J. Clemons.

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