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Record number of voters turn out for mid-term election

By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

Carroll County voters turned out in large numbers to cast ballots in this mid-term election Tuesday. According to the preliminary results issued by the County Clerk’s office, 52.67 percent of the 13,245 registered county voters cast ballots for candidates. A total of 3,372 Republicans cast straight Party ballots while 1,061 Democrats voted only for candidates in their Party. Fifty voters cast straight Party ballots for the Libertarian Party.

Republican Mike Braun overwhelmingly beat Democrat Joe Donnelly for the U.S. Senate seat in this district, 4,517 to 2,071, and Republican Jim Baird bested Democrat Tobi Beck for the U.S. Representative District 4 seat, 4,943 to 1,942.

Republican Don Lehe received more votes than his opponent, Democrat Maurice Fuller, for State Representative in District 25, 2,945 to 1,088. Republican Heath VanNatter won over Democrat opponent Tom Hedde for the State Representative District 38 seat, 1,945 to 906.

County Races

Locally, there was one contested race in county government, which was for County Treasurer. Republican Melinda Rossetter, receiving 4,824 votes, prevailed over Democrat challenger Jack Wilson, who received 2,051 votes.

Republican Carroll Circuit Court Judge Benjamin Diener ran unopposed and received 6,204 votes. Republican Prosecutor Nicholas McLeland also ran unopposed and received 6,206 votes. Other Republicans who ran unop- posed were Auditor Beth Myers with 6,205 votes, Sheriff Tobe Leazenby with 6,379 votes, Assessor Neda K. Duff with 6,242 votes and Commissioner candidate Loren Hylton receiving 6,224 votes.

Republicans who ran with no opposition for the County Council included Tracy Martin in District 1 with 1,668 votes, Scott Ayres in District 2 with 1,690 votes, Ethan Brown in District 3 with 1,410 votes and Paul Rider in District 4 with 1,321 votes.

School Boards

There will be one new face on the Delphi Community School Corporation Board for the next four years. Newcomer Michael Priest won in District 7 with 396 votes over challenger Benjamin Gleason, who received 332 votes. District 1 incumbent Steve Myer received 377 votes and his opponent Greg Terry received 151 votes. Incumbent Kirk Schwarzkopf will serve another four years for District 3 by besting his opponent Jenna Fassnacht, 237 to 188.

The District 1 seat on the Carroll Consolidated School Corporation will be filled for the next four years by Jon Johnson, who ran unopposed and received 2,014 votes. The District 5 seat will be filled by Eric Johnson, who also ran unopposed and received 2,002 votes.

Nathan Root will represent some Carroll County residents on the Rossville School Board with 315 votes and Joseph Mink will fill the at-large seat from Carroll County on the same board with 304 votes. Shane Hanna will represent a portion of Carroll County on the Twin Lakes School Corporation board. He received 153 votes.

Flora Town Council

Preliminary counts for two at-large seats on the Flora Town Council indicate Republicans Darrell Yoder, received 406 votes and Republican Jake Adams, 367 votes. Democrat Jason Burns preliminarily received 249 votes and Democrat Mark Pinkard, 225.

It was discovered Tuesday afternoon that some ballots distributed to voters who do not reside in Flora were given ballots, and possibly cast votes for, Flora Town Council candidates. County Clerk and Election Board member Andrea Miller asked for guidance from the State Elections Division legal staff how to handle the matter.

Miller said she thought the problem was because some addresses were inputted incorrectly in the software. She asked the state if there was anything she should do at this time, which was before the polls closed.

The answer to Miller came from Dale R. Simmons, Co-General Counsel for the Indiana Election Division. Simmons said there was nothing to be done immediately, since the ballots were already cast. He suggested Miller and the Election Board check to make sure voters have been assigned to the correct districts after the election.

“If the election is close, you might see an election recount or contest filed by one of the candidates or one of their party chairs, if they ran as major party candidates,” Simmons advised.

Miller said the Election Board will investigate the situation and determine the appropriate next step. The Clerk reminded all voters Tuesday night results are preliminary results, which have not been certified.

Miller said Tuesday night she will notify all of the Flora Town Council candidates about the situation before Wednesday.


Candidates for township trustee all ran unopposed. For the first time in 48 years, Democrat Township will have a new trustee, Dean Gangwer (R). Clayton Hutson, who is nearing his 101st birthday, has held the position since 1971. He served eight years before that on the township board.

Vote totals are: Adams – Jamie Musall (R), 162; Burlington – Alan D. Jackson (D), 557; Carrollton – John R. O’Rourke (R), 223; Clay – Marla R. Milazzo (R), 319; Deer Creek – Doris McLeland (R), 1,259; Democrat – Dean Gangwer (R), 316; Jackson – Deborah “Deb” L. Foreman (R), 399; Jefferson – Rita Millhouse (R), 778; Liberty – Kathy A. Justice (R), 157; Madison – Dwaine K. Ward (R), 155; Monroe – Sarah E. Hanaway (R), 803; Rock Creek – Donald L. Leisure (R), 107; Tippecanoe – Marcia Jura (R), 715; and Washington – Emily A. Meek (D), 180.

There were two races for township board. In Burlington Township the three Republicans defeated the lone Democrat: Lance Alter (R), 534; Linda Heinzelman (R), 525; Bill Northcutt (R), 523; Linda L. Huffer (D), 225. It was the same in Jackson Townshipwith Marlene “Gail” Frye (R), 291; Jill Moudy (R), 306; Lisa Ringer (R), 338; and Jeff Sieber (D), 186.

Other vote totals for township boards include:

Adams – Jeffrey Potts (R), 138; John A. Campbell (R), 138; Rick Roller (R), 139.

Carrollton – Adam Butcher (D), 185.

Clay – Jerry Frey (R), 256; Wayne Remaly (R), 278.

Deer Creek – Jayne A. Abbott (R), 977; David McCain (R), 962; Janie Smith (D), 949.

Democrat – Carol Richard Bordner (R), 281; “Mac” Macolynnn Gray (R), 251; Theodore M. Enoch (D), 221.

Jefferson – Gene Cocanower (R), 671; Anna “Annie” M. Crosser (R), 633; John Wells (R), 604.

Liberty – Joseph P. Martin (R), 139; Jerry L. Sparks (R), 139.

Madison – Norman Anderson (R), 145; Dee Humbarger (R), 135; Dan LePage (R), 131.

Monroe – Tina Albaugh (R), 695; Janice Marvin (R), 663; Scott D. Sisson (R), 758.

Rock Creek – Sandra Brown (D), 102; Larry Leach (R), 91; Joseph Seagrave (R), 72.

Tippecanoe – John M. “Jack” Begley (R), 576; Shirley Goyer (R), 598; Bethany E. Zink (R), 589.

Washington – Christopher J. Dyke (D), 148; Joseph Mylet (D), 150; Patrick H. O’Donnell (R), 176.

Public questions

Carroll County voters cast 5,298 yes ballots compared to 1,453 no ballots on the constitutional amendment, Public Question #1: Shall Article 10, Section 5 of the Constitution of the State of Indiana be amended to require the General Assembly to adopt balanced budgets for state government that do not exceed estimated revenues unless a supermajority of two-thirds of the members of the House of Representatives and two-thirds of the members of the Senate vote to suspend the requirement?

County voters overwhelmingly cast ballots to retain Indiana Supreme Court Justice Geoffrey G. Slaughter by a margin of 4,517 (yes) to 1,841 (no).

It was the same for Indiana Court of Appeals Judge Robert R. (Bob) Altice, Jr. County voters cast ballots to retain him by a margin of 4,629 (yes) to 1,676 (no).

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