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DCSC rated “B” with ISTEP results

By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

The Delphi School Board learned Monday night that ISTEP scores have been announced and the corporation scored an overall “B” for student scores. Superintendent Greg Briles announced each building’s rating after Board member Neal Anderson inquired about the scores at the end of the meeting. Briles indicated the overall score has not been formally released, but acknowledged the “B” rating when urged by Anderson.

Briles said the Middle School received a “C” rating while the High School earned an “A” rating and the Elementary School a “B.”

Building maintenance contract

Briles recommended the Board contract with A&H Chapman Mechanical of Camden to provide “as needed” building maintenance for $80,000 per year as proposed by Shane Chapman.

Chapman stated he will not work a standard 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. workday but will be on-call 24 hours per day. He said if he is not available to address a problem at the corporation, he will call another professional to do the work or he will work with a current employee to remedy the issue.

Board member Gil Smith questioned the need for a contract with a set price of $80,000. Briles said he researched what other school corporations in other areas of the state paid for a similar service and discovered $80,000 was a low price based on the other school corporations.

It was decided the corporation will pay Chapman for one month to evaluate all systems for diagnosis and production purposes. In the meantime, a formal contract will be written and presented at the November meeting.


A month-to-month contract with Wiers International to provide maintenance and repairs to 35 school buses for a $238.81 monthly fee per bus, plus repair costs and labor costs, was approved unanimously.

Financial information

Corporation Treasurer Allison Everett reported the General Fund balance at the end of September was $74,406.93. The Debt Service Fund contained $499,091.60, the Pension Bond Fund $29,189.21 and the Capital Projects Fund showed a negative balance of $512,491.76 for the same time frame.

Everett’s projected end of the year balance for the General Fund is $406,931.35, which is a gain of $229,316.43 for the year. The projected end of year balance for the Debt Service Fund is $557,830.47, which indicates a loss of $21,204.06 for the year.

The Retirement Fund Bond and the Capital Projects Fund are also expected to finish the year at a loss while the Transportation Fund, Bus Replacement and the Rainy Day Fund all should end the year in the positive numbers.

Everett was granted permission to clear balances in obsolete funds. $4,959.31 will be transferred from a Student Computer Repair Fund to Capital Projects, $5,995.19 from the General Fund to the Non-English Speaking Program and $24,174.07 from the Capital Projects Fund to a State Connectivity Grant.

She explained the corporation’s new accounting structure. The “General Fund” will now be called the “Education Fund.” Only items pertaining to classroom instruction will be paid from the Education Fund.

Capital Projects, Transportation, and Bus Replacement will be combined into an “Operation Fund.” All things pertaining to the physical facilities of the corporation and non-education expenses will be paid from this fund.

The Board approved the purchase of new accounting software. Called “Skyward Business Suite,” the program is cloudbased and multi-functional. The license fee is $47,740 and the implementation fee is $14,995 for a total of $62,735. There is also an annual support fee of $16,700.

Other business

The FFA was recognized for its philanthropic efforts to the community with a garden last summer.

The Corporation was recognized with a plaque by Astra Insurance for active shooter training on Sept. 7.

The advertised 2019 budget proposal was adopted unanimously.

The Board has advertised an executive session for Monday, Oct. 15, at 6 p.m. at the Corporation to “train school board members with an outside consultant about the performance of the role of the members as public officials” and for a discussion of the assessment, design and implementation of school safety and security measures, plans and systems.”

The next business meeting will be Nov. 12 at 7 p.m.

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