2018-09-12 / Faith

National ‘Back to Church’ Sunday is Sept. 16

Everyone is invited to attend “Back to Church Sunday,” a national movement of churches across America. A service will be held Sept. 16 at 9:30 a.m. at the Delphi Christian Church. Pastor Bob Duke will deliver a special sermon, “Love One Another” as part of the series on “One Another.”

The movement continues to gain momentum. Now in its 10th year, it is expected that over 30,000 churches representing 120 denominations will be participating. Participating churches have extended an estimated 11.5 million invitations to their communities over the past seven years.

There are nearly 100 million Americans, including teens and children, who are presently un-churched as people increasingly move away from attending church and practicing religion. A 2013 Gallup survey stated that 87 percent of people believe in God but only 27 percent had attended a church in the last seven days. People who do not attend church say they are open to visiting if they are invited. They are just waiting for an invitation.

The church is located at 315 E. Main St. in Delphi. For information, contact the church at (765) 564-3560 or go to www.Back- ToChurch.com/find_ a_ chur ch to find a roster of participating churches.

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