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Letters to the Editor

There is much value in art education

Beginning in 1956 art became an important part of the school curriculum in Delphi. That year marked the inaugural presentation of the school corporation’s art show with the valued help of the Tri Kappa Sorority. The community embraced it and the students loved it. It is heartbreaking to hear the corporation’s decision to eliminate the subject from the educational experiences of elementary and middle school students.

Delphi is so lucky to have Robin Coyner as the high school art instructor. He was trained at Lafayette Jefferson High School with some of the best in Indiana’s art teachers. It is amazing to me why we would not want to prepare our students to enter his program. Another important component to the high school art department is the excellent graphic arts instruction provided by Judi Brummett. Think of all the wonderful opportunities these students are exposed to and may possibly use for future employment.

Delphi should be proud to meet the needs of all students. Art is an area where many students, who are not academically gifted, can achieve. I am sure if you were in a situation where every little activity challenged your patience you would be seeking an outlet as well. Art provides that opportunity. Many emotionally disturbed and autistic children need this as a coping mechanism for the need to communicate in a non-verbal form.

As a former educator, I can report that this class is invaluable. The art of creativity needs to be explored by all students as part of the daily routine. It is just as important as the many electronic experiences the land of education has migrated to. Hands-on activities increase both left and right brain functions.

It is with deep respect to Jack Sanders that I compose these remarks. Jack was instrumental in beginning this love for art education within the Delphi Schools. I believe it is very important to reinstate this valuable part of the students’ academic electives. Step up and be proud to educate the creative soul and proudly recognize the talents they all possess.

Barbara McCain, Delphi Community School’s

Former Elementary

Art Instructor

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