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Fiddlesticks again!

Meandering Melodies
by Susan Holsinger

On the way back to Colorado after Rochelle’s visit of ten days, we stopped at the Fiddlesticks Restaurant again for lunch. I don’t know what it is about that place but every time I have been there something unusual has happened. This time was no exception.

You remember the first time I went there was after my friend

Lila’s funeral. (An interesting side note: Lila’s funeral was six years ago on the same day we were there this time.) I was with Derrick and Jennifer. A man came up to our table that night and asked us if we knew

Christmas Carol Kauffman. In the course of the conversation

I found out he wrote poems and asked him to quote one for us. He quoted “Baskets.” It was a special moment because

I knew the Lord wanted this poem to be a song. Three years later the Lord sent a tune for the words and we’ve been msinging it ever since.

Holsinger Holsinger The second time we stopped fthere we met Rochelle’s boss’s parents!, We didn’t know they wereo going to be there and they didn’t know we were going to be there.

This time the experience was totally different.

After Rochelle and I ordered we were talking and waiting for our food. Fiddlesticks is a busy place! We noticed an older woman come in and kinda lean up against the wall close to us. The usher was with her. We thought the usher was taking this woman to a table. We soon found out the woman was not happy with the usher. She was giving this young girl a real dressing down. The woman told her in no uncertain terms that she was there before another couple and her and her husband should’ve been shown to a table before them. The usher made a comment I couldn’t hear very well about not knowing if all her party was with her so that is why she took the other couple ahead of her. But the older woman was having none of it! She said she had been to physical therapy that morning and she was very tired and she didn’t appreciate waiting to be shown to a table.

She said she told her that her husband was coming. The usher thought she meant she would wait until her husband joined her to be shown to a table. She soon learned otherwise!

The older woman wasn’t speaking loudly but she was speaking condescendingly, with disgust and anger. There was no doubt she was upset!

The manager had been called and it wasn’t long before she soothed the woman’s ruffled feathers. There were plenty of tables. I wasn’t sure what the woman was so upset about. I could understand being upset if someone else was seated ahead of her if that meant waiting longer to get a table, but that wasn’t the case.

There were plenty of tables.

Somehow this woman was having a rough day and seemed to be taking it out on everyone else. Her husband joined her at her table. It was behind where we were sitting so I could not see if anything else happened. I could hear her asking questions when it came time for them to order and she was still not talking very nice.

I felt sorry for their waitress!

I also felt sorry for the young girl who was verbally abused by this woman.

Then I started thinking about the older woman. I wondered what her life must be to talk to another person that way. I wondered what pain she had in her life that made it okay to lash out at someone else for a perceived wrong. I wondered how it was that she had to be in total control and so rigid about things. Had something happened in her life that made her feel out of control? Had something happened that threatened her independence and so she had to control as many things as she possibly could? I didn’t have any answers!

Our lunch of chicken enchiladas arrived hot and sizzling and delicious. It was a large portion. We both ended up eating half and eating the leftovers for supper! This saved us a stop. When the waitress brought our bill all of a sudden the Lord brought a few scriptures to my mind from the blessed beatitudes. “Bless those that curse you. Do good to those who despitefully use you and persecute you. That you may have treasures laid up in heaven where moth and rust doth not corrupt and thieves break through and steal.”

And I knew I was supposed to buy lunch for that woman. I called the waitress over to our table and asked her if she could do something for me. I told her I wanted to bless the woman who had given the usher a hard time by buying her lunch and picking up their tab. Rochelle immediately said she wanted to help with it, too. We told the waitress we did not want the woman to know who bought their lunch but we did have a message for the woman.

The waitress was eager to help. The message we gave to the woman through the waitress was this: “We’re very sorry you’re having such a rough day! We hope you enjoyed your lunch. Remember, God loves you very much!”

As we left the restaurant I stopped by to speak to the young girl who was the recipient of the woman’s anger. I told her I was very impressed by the way she handled herself as the woman lashed out at her. She handled the woman’s criticism with grace, kindness, and love. I told her I should be buying her lunch! She just laughed! Seriously, though, I told her I thought it was a remarkable character trait that she could be railed on and not let it change her beautiful smile or make her have a bad day! She thanked me sincerely. We asked God’s blessings on her day and were on our way.

It’s easy to go down to the person’s level when someone is railing on you or accusing you or criticizing you. It’s easy to retaliate and return evil for evil. That’s what the response of the flesh is. It was a humbling experience to witness kindness and mercy extended to someone who was being a challenge to love. When that scripture came to my mind I knew it was the right thing to do to buy the woman’s lunch but I had to wonder why it seemed like I was rewarding bad behavior. Again, the Lord spoke to my heart with reassurance. The message was this - “This woman needs to know that I love her!”

The next time this happens I can only hope I remember what I learned that day at “Fiddlesticks!” The Lord’s way is always the right way. His Word is alive! It is powerful! It changes lives!

I’m believing that woman’s day was much brighter because of the assurance of God’s love and to know someone cared. Buying their lunch was a small thing. I’m believing it has eternal consequences that only God knows. I want you to know the same thing. God loves you! And if you’re ever grouchy I hope someone buys your lunch and lets you know they care and so does our Father in heaven!

Affirmation For Today : Savior, teach me day-by-day. Love’s sweet lessons to obey. Sweeter lessons cannot be. Loving Him who first loved me. With a child-like heart of love. At Thy bidding may I move. Prompt to serve and follow Thee. Loving Him who first loved me.

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