2018-08-08 / Faith

A worthy calling

Lessons from the Heart
By Pastor Dan Butcher

Butcher Butcher “Jesus said let the little children come into me.” Matthew 19:14.

We, at the Crossroads, just completed our annual vacation bible school. It was an amazing experience. We transformed the entire church into a shipwreck, excluding the boat. Our directors,

Jared and Janelle Albaugh, did an incredible job. We averaged 91 children each night and approximately 60 adults. The energy and passion for Jesus was inspiring. We ate at Crossroads, making it a family revival experience. Marlene Butcher and her army of volunteers feed dinner to over 150 people each night. Mrs. Humphreys filled the church bus every single night. What a wonderful and blessed ministry. Children and youth are a priority at Crossroads, and God has blessed us abundantly.

I share this with you to make a point. Our children should be our priority in life. God told us that our children were treasures. Jesus said that unless we remain like a child with innocent faith, we would not be in heaven. God said that He is our ABBA or Dad. Oh brothers and sisters, family is everything and in a day and age where children are suffering due to parental neglect, we need all the attention we can afford to give them.

Every night of VBS my wife and I had children sleeping on our floor, couches and beds. Every night we went to VBS, and yes we both work, we made it a priority. Do not neglect the children. I leave you with a horrific reality, a judgment on our land, our nation and this world. The most dangerous place in the world is not NYC, not the south side of Chicago, not LA, Detroit or Miami. The most dangerous place in the world is a mother’s womb. The most dangerous nation in the world is the United States of America. God forgive us.

No matter how old you are, I challenge you to love the children. No matter who you are, if you are with child, I challenge you to protect the children. No matter how selfish you are, feed the children first.

God bless you. God protect our children as school begins. God give strength to those who care for them.

Dan Butcher is the pastor at Crossroads Community Church.

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