2018-07-11 / Public Records

Property Sales

Information shown is obtained from the county GIS database which is based on sales disclosure forms on file at the Carroll County Assessor’s Office. By law, buyers and sellers are responsible for the accuracy of information provided on the forms.


Feb. 9 – 11701 W. Tecumseh Bend Rd., $56,000. Cardinal Properties & Management LLC to Amy Elliott.


Feb. 23 – 908 Michigan Rd., $125,000. Wesley Irvin Wright to April S. Bentley and Lloyd Keith Bentley.

April 19 – 525 E. 7th St., $93,000. Bryan W. Waybill and Kevin J. Waybill to Shelby C. Chambers and Dylan M. Chambers.

March 21 – 1011 Michigan St., $10,000. Scott E. Wagoner and Michelle L. Wagoner to Mark Hall and Ted Keller.

March 29 – 909 Jackson St., $27,800. Equity Trust Co. Custodian of Richard Foronjy IRA to Crystal A. Kilander and Frank R. Ryan III.

April 17 – E. 450S., $54,900. Wagoner Rental Properties LLC to Ashley S. Paul and Dane R. Paul.


March 26 – 12567N. 250W., $165,000. Kristopher K. McCrackin and Heather R. McCrackin to Cartus Financial Corporation.

March 26 – 12567N. 250W., $165,000. Cartus Financial Corporation to Taylor L. Burns.


Feb. 8 – 434 W. Cumberland St., $6,000. Jeffrey Lee Hiner to Denise V. Gonzalez.

Feb. 16 – 159 N. Church St., $26,000. Silver Sparks Properties Inc. to Alan Coghill and Katrina Coghill.

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