2018-06-20 / Looking Back

Looking Back

A few of the men in the photo are George Loveland, Dale Young, Harve Hoshaw and sitting is Clive Claude Chissom in a barber shop in Carroll County in 1935. A few of the men in the photo are George Loveland, Dale Young, Harve Hoshaw and sitting is Clive Claude Chissom in a barber shop in Carroll County in 1935. From files of Carroll County Comet, Journal-Citizen, Hoosier Democrat, Delphi Journal, the Flora History website and the Carroll County Historical Museum.


Carroll County Sheriff Tony Burns discovered the county could have claimed payment from Indiana Department of Correction (DOC) prisoners and has not since 2001. Claims from 2007 were submitted to the DOC and the county has been reimbursed $32,550.

The Carroll County REMC invited members to the 69th annual meeting to discuss and vote on the consolidation of Carroll and White County REMCs. The meeting was held at the Delphi Community High School and members received a $10 credit for registering at the meeting.


Carroll County teens Jason Scott Pearson, 18, of Delphi and George Todd Kennedy, 16, of Camden, were charged with capital homicide in the death of a Castle Dale, Utah Highway Patrol Trooper. The two were headed for California when Kennedy, who was on probation for a hunting violation, allegedly feared he might be sent to jail or a boys’ school. Trooper Dennis L. “Dee” Lund, 37, of Green River, Utah, was shot in the eye and later died.

Delphi Community High School FFA president Darren Bailey has received the Hoosier Farmer Degree. The degree is the state FFA’s highest honor. Bailey received the degree at the FFA State Convention held at Purdue University.


Delphi Common Council passed an ordinance granting a 25-year franchise to First Television Company of Rensselaer to furnish cable television for the City of Delphi. It is to include 12 channels, nine of which will be cable channels, FM radio band stations and a background music channel. The cost is $14.90 to install and a $4.90 monthly service charge.

Dean Ratcliff and June Davis, real estate representatives and salesmen for Bob Ratcliff Real Estate agency, opened an office in the Dr. J. Marcus Haggard building in West Delphi. Also located in the building and shopping center to be known as “Western Front,” are Oaks Lawn and Garden Center, Norbert Variety Store and Brosman’s IGA Grocery Store.


County and local labor committees have recruited available help for Carroll County farmers from boys 12 to 16 years of age, businessmen and others to be available in emergency cases. Businessmen and part-time workers were recruited to be available for the emergency farm jobs. The county’s office already has on file requests for six full-time farm hands. A request for over 100 workers to help with picking tomatoes, corn detasseling and other harvest work are also needed. All farm labor under the new emergency program are to be known as “U.S. Crops Corps,” which included the Victory Farm Volunteers, inschool youth, part-time workers or business and urban people.


Miles Houser and John A. Shanks of Young America were granted a patent on a manifold heater for automobiles and auto dealers who saw it, pronounced it one of the best they have ever seen. Since securing the patent Houser and Shanks have placed a number of them on automobiles and were given the best of satisfaction. The advantage of the H & S heater over others is the price. It can be sold on the market at a much lower price. They have received several flattering offers to manufacture the heaters, but have not made any future plans.

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