2018-06-13 / Opinions & Letters

Facebook carries opinions, not necessarily facts

We frequently hear from others how the Comet is portrayed on Facebook. For some reason, some people in the community feel the need to judge our professionalism and our motives without hearing the same information we hear at meetings and without doing what we do.

This was the case last weekend. There was a series of posts (more than 90) from several people about how much the expected cost will be for each water rate payer in Delphi. One person, who is married to a city employee, started the diatribe. “ Can someone please clarify the water bill!,” she asked. “Is it really going up 140 percent or was that just bad reporting?”

The Mayor of Delphi graciously records all meetings and posts them on YouTube. Mayor Evans does an outstanding job of this, giving everyone access to all information in the City Council and Board of Works meetings.

To view what happened at the June 4, 2018, City Council meeting and hear what the City’s financial expert had to say, go to YouTube and then search for “Delphi City Council June 4 meeting.” In Part 3, about six minutes and 45 seconds into the video, listen to the financial advisor say, after he reviewed the Mayor’s figures that each water customer’s bill will increase by 140 percent. This is what it will cost to pay back the loan for $13,475,000, which the Mayor has determined is needed for projects.

There was a list of projects in last week’s paper from information contained on the application form for the $13,475,000 loan. But the fact is, no matter what is done with the money, it is the amount of money borrowed which drives the rate increase.

And, if the interest rate increases from the current 2 percent (the rate will be reset on July 1), the increase will be larger for each water customer. That is the nature of inflation.

Agendas for every City Council meeting are posted on the door of the City Building without fail. This is the law and Mayor Evans is faithful to do this.

We encourage all of those who posted about this on Facebook to visit YouTube and look for “Delphi City Council June 4, 2018 meeting.”

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