2018-05-16 / Public Records

Property Sales

Information shown is obtained from the county GIS database which is based on sales disclosure forms on file at the Carroll County Assessor’s Office. By law, buyers and sellers are responsible for the accuracy of information provided on the forms.


Jan. 23 – 6928 W. Crestwood Dr., $0. Joseph R. Oilar to Tiffany J. Oilar.

Jan. 23 – 10364W. 875N., $0. Donald E. Paul Jr. to Rita M. Paul etal.

Jan. 24 – 407 W. Main St., $18,750. Carroll County Sheriff to US Bank National Association.

Jan. 24 – 3066 N. Kerlin Ave., $100,989. Carroll County Sheriff to US Bank Trust NA.

Jan. 25 – SR25, $167,500. Barbara J. Sines to State of Indiana.

Jan. 29 – 3282 N. Jersey Dr., $349,565. Majestic Custom Homes of Lafayette Inc. to Vickie L. Vande Zande and Paul E. Vande Zande.


Jan. 17 – 1121W. 50N., $130,000. Clair L. Sensenig and Rhoda J. Sensenig to Sandra A. Barr.

Jan. 29 – 674S. 600E., $189,000. Stephen D. Linnebur and Lindsey A. Core to Nolan Lee Wood.


Jan. 5 – 11138 N. Landing Rd., $45,000. Daniel W. Howard and Oria Howard to Bailey Mayfield.

Jan. 5 – W. 950N., $142,000. Wayne C. Anderson LT to Chad Crain and Penny Crain-Crisler.

Jan. 8 – 12032 N. Upper Lakeshore Dr., $145,000. Daniel G. Sundell to Joseph Markun and Ann Marie Markun.

Jan. 9 – 12157 N. Upper Lakeshore Dr., $43,225. Margaret M. Woods to Michael M. Hussey and Delores M. Hussey.

Jan. 11 – 11506W. 950N., $0. Randy A. DeFord and Betty Jean DeFord to Betty Jean DeFord.

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