2018-04-11 / Public Records

Property Sales

Information shown is obtained from the county GIS database which is based on sales disclosure forms on file at the Carroll County Assessor’s Office. By law, buyers and sellers are responsible for the accuracy of information provided on the forms.


Oct. 13 – 11139 N. Sugar Bluff Rd., $23,000. Pearl L. Underhill to John P. Pearl and Shawna M. Pearl.

Oct. 13 – 11487W. 850N., $325,000. Jerry Hendress and Mara Hendress to Travis R. Jones and Lindsay T. Jones

Oct. 17 – 10940 N. Lower Lakeshore Dr., $176,000. John F. Coombs Jr. and Janet Coombs to Richard D. Hadley and Rita K. Hadley.

Oct. 20 – 8193W. 1200N., $65,000. Michael D. Bunnell and Kalene S. Bunnell to Kelly R. Bernfield and Hosea R. Bernfield.

Oct. 20 – 11719 W. Pirates Roost Rd., $52,000. John A. Sankey and Christine C. Sankey to Anthony J. Certa and Jennifer L. Certa.

Oct. 23 – 10826 N. Lower Lakeshore Dr., $251. Carroll County Auditor to Clara Rider.

Oct. 27 – 12059 N. Upper Lakeshore Dr., $225,000. Tonya L. Smith and Christopher Smith to Russell Reed Wolpert.

Oct. 31 – 9750N. 1164W., $350,000. Patrick F. Manahan and Susan V. Manahan to Benjamin A. Diener and Abigail A. Diener.

Nov. 2 – 7274N. 1185W., $32,000. Bonnie L. Smith estate to Brenda J. Fontes and Raymond J. Fontes Jr.

Nov. 2 – 12190 N. Upper Lake Shore Dr., $171,500. Jeffrey L. Onken and Carla A. Onken to David M. Norris and Suzan K. Norris.

Nov. 2 – 10990 N. Lower Lakeshore Dr, $162,500. William G. Grosso Jr. and Rita P. Grosso to Lorraine M. Mills and William P. Mills.

Nov. 10 – 7632N. 1175W., $93,000. Jerrold L. Ludwig and Lois J. Ludwig Trustees to Richard L. Wasson and Cynthia E. Wasson.

Nov. 14 – 10330N. 1200W., $260,000. Joe Overstreet and Karmen Overstreet to Bradley L. Banks and Jennifer A. Banks.

Nov. 20 – 9728N. 1175W., $602,991. Randall G. Armstrong and Robin Armstrong to Scott J. Bechtel and Sylvia G. Bechtel.

Nov. 21 – 11151 N. Quiet Water Circle, $105,000. Shane E. Yeakley to Kurt M. Wagner Trust.

Nov. 27 – 10389N. 1200W., $173,000. Glenn L. Craft and Julie D. Craft to Rochelle Harmon and Mark Harmon.

Nov. 30 – 6625N. 1225W., $76,5000. Adam W. Patterson to Angela Marie Garrison and Michael Theodore Garrison.

Nov. 30 – 10152N. 1200W., $369,000. Rita P. Grosso and William G. Grosso to Carl R. Abbott.

Nov. 30 – 11768N. US421, $54,100. M&T Bank to Jeffrey H. Osterholt and Diane R. Osterholt.

Dec. 1 – 6387N. 1225W., $80,000. Kevin L. Wilson and Kim S. Wilson to Eric P. Alder.

Dec. 8 – N. 1000W., $127,500. Lola Linn Scott to Michael Aaron Scott.

Dec. 13 – 11923 W. Breezy Point Dr., $118,000. Neal E. Vandeventer and Paula Vandeventer to Julia Nagel and Taylor M. Green.

Dec. 14 – N. Quiet Water Circle, $31,000. Deborah J. Galloway etal to William C. Grosso and Rita P. Grosso.

Dec. 29 – 11160 N. Quiet Water Rd., $30,000. John Thomas Rees and Sharon K. Rees to Annette Galvin.


Dec. 8 – S. 600W., $140,000. Del Re Ross LLC fka Rineco LLC to Vannessa L. Farley.

Dec. 18 – 5830S. US421, $125,000. Leora E. Wagoner le etal to Michael Wagoner and Craig Wagoner.


Oct. 12 – 253 W. Main St., $100. U.S. Bank N.A. to Charlie R. Gibbs.

Oct. 13 – 189 N. Railroad Ave., $20,000. Larry M. Johns and Linda C. Johns to JMB Ventures LLC.

Oct. 20 – 269 E. Main St., $120,000. Cameron Z. Miller and Leah J. Miller to Breanne D. Bird and Kristopher R. Bird.

Nov. 7 – South St., $300. Carroll County Auditor to Joshua Bird.

Dec. 28 – 367 W. Main St., $53,000. Karen S. Nipple to Nicole Shirley.

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