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DCSC Treasurer projects year-end fund balances

By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

The Delphi Community School Board was presented with a positive outlook of the corporation financial situation at the Monday night meeting. Corporation Treasurer Allison Everett distributed a “State of the Corporation” report as well as an energy comparison report.

Everett’s financial report indicated the corporation General Fund contained $177,614.92 on Jan. 1 of this year. First quarter revenue received was $2,385,573.02. Although only 25 percent of the year’s budget has been completed, 27.59 percent of the total year’s budget has been expended. Everett said there was an extra pay in the first quarter which impacted the percentage of the budget spent. She said the expenditures will self-correct by the end of the year and she is predicting a $279,440 end-of-year balance.

The Capital Projects Fund contained $375,573.64 on Jan. 1 and as of March 31, $145,690.87 remained. No revenue was received because no property tax revenue has been collected by the county. The corporation has spent 15.12 percent of the total budget for the fund and the projected year-end balance is $594,897.32. Similarly, the school corporation Transportation Fund has utilized 22.25 percent of the appropriated monies and a total of 43.68 percent of the total budget has been spent from Bus Replacement.

Everett estimates the projected end of the year balance for all corporation funds will be approximately $3,259,611. Solar energy savings

Everett also presented a comparison of the energy consumption and savings from the first quarter of 2017 to the same time period this year. Total electric usage has decreased during this time. Board member Kirk Schwarzkopf indicated the corporation installed energysaving measures, such as LED light bulbs, light switches and thermostats from the $4.6 million solar energy project. A total of $15,152.70 in energy credits have been applied to future Duke Energy bills and a total of $33,375.42 has been realized in reduced usage converted to savings.

Superintendent Greg Briles advised the corporation began 2017 with approximately $4.8 million and ended the year with roughly $4 million. He said the decrease in the fund balance can partially be attributed to a decrease in student enrollment and the displacements and reduction of grant funding. Briles also stated the amount of funding from the state continues to decline.

A full report can be requested from the Superintendent’s office.

Camden Early Childhood Center

A board member asked if there was a nurse who works a regular schedule at Camden. Interim Elementary Principal Bill Shidler said nurse Kay Ross goes there but does not have regular hours. A concern was noted about the liability of the school’s practice of parents giving medications for their children to a non-nurse at the school and that person distributing them to the intended child. It was explained the medications are brought in containers with the child’s name on the outside with full administration instructions. Attorney Nick Otis advised the current practice of a non-medically trained person giving out the medications is acceptable.

Student handbooks

Board members did not approve the newest edition of the student handbooks. A concern was first raised by board member Neal Anderson but then also voiced by Schwarzkopf and Gil Smith about the electronic copy. All three members indicated they preferred to have a hard copy of the document to review. The matter was tabled in a split vote.

Other business

Briles announced the school board must approve all fundraisers before they are initiated. He said this is a directive from the state and becomes effective July 1.

Board President Steve Myer appointed two members each to two new committees. Schwarzkopf and Smith will serve on a Special Education Committee and Myer and Bill Trueblood will serve on a Pre- School Committee.

A carnival for kindergarten through students in the fifthgrade will be hosted at Camden April 27 from 5 to 8 p.m. There is a charge and advance tickets can be purchased for a discount.

The Elementary School is now hosting an Elementary Honor Society. Student members perform service projects.

Student School Board representatives Dacota Shockley and Holly Cosgray have both passed a certification test to be Certified Nurses Assistants.

Textbook rental amounts for next year were approved. It will cost $126.49 for those in Kindergarten, $160.77 for first-grade, $151.19 for second grade, $170.79 for thirdgrade, $177.30 for fourth-grade and $179.02 for fifth-grade. Rental costs for sixth-grade through the senior year classes are based on subjects taken.

Briles advised breakfast and lunch costs will be increased by 10¢ per meal next year as dictated by the state.

Resignations from Joy Atkinson as Middle and High School nurse, Linda Brammer as Middle School Science teacher, Dorothy Corrie as third-grade teacher and Carrie Snider as a Middle School Instructional Aid and Interventionist were accepted.

The next meeting will be May 14 at 7 p.m.

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