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Delphi Mayor and Board of Works to hold water information session

Vacation rentals ordinance nixed
By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

Delphi Board of Works members, Mayor Shane Evans, Dick Bradshaw and Karyl Traeger, have planned an information session to discuss an upcoming water project March 20 from 6 to 10 p.m. in the Wabash & Erie Canal Center. The public is encouraged to attend to learn about Delphi water issues and possible solutions.

Bradshaw, who is the organizer of the public information session, said at the March 1 Board of Works meeting, the group should determine the agenda for the information session. He said they should discuss “here’s what we have, here’s the needs and here’s the possible solutions.” Butler Fairman and Seufert (BFS) will provide information as will Peerless Midwest well drillers.

Bradshaw said to his fellow Board members that before they go to the meeting, “we should be on the same page.” He said the group needs to describe “what we need to do first, second and third” to the public.

Bradshaw said questions and answers will be a portion of the program. Bradshaw said he also wants to see all of the City Council members present.

City Council President Carolyn Pearson, who led Monday night’s City Council meeting in the absence of Mayor Evans, strongly encouraged all Council members to attend as well. Pearson said she has been going to Board of Works meetings “to learn about what is going on” because information about the water situation is not presented to the City Council.

Pearson said it is important for all Council members to attend the information session because “it is coming to approval of bonds and an increase in water rates” which the Council will be asked to also grant.

Water superintendent Craig Myers said the Board of Works approved drilling a new well, Well 7, on land owned by U.S. Aggregates at the golf course. He said drilling was to begin Tuesday, March 6. It was noted by Mayor Evans at a previous Board of Works meeting, although the well will be drilled now, it will not be used for some time.

Vacation rentals

City Council members discussed a proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance which would allow property owners to rent out rooms or houses on a short-term basis by using an online broker for the transaction. The proposed ordinance was read and approved on two separate previous readings. The third and final reading was tabled in February to do more research about the matter.

City attorney Makenzie Martin distributed a sample ordinance from Carmel Monday night as the discussion began. It was noted by Council member Dale Seward that he spoke with Sheriff Tobe Leazenby and it seemed there is no way to track, per the ordinance, who has stayed in the community. Seward said there could be illegal activity happening and no one would know who had been in the room or house. Seward said knowing who had visited the community could be important in case a crime occurred.

Dick Traeger moved to approve the ordinance on third and final reading. Council member Mike Shockley provided the second. The vote was tied at two-to-two. Traeger and Shockley voted to approve the ordinance and Pearson and Seward voted against the approval of the ordinance. Council member Brian Garrison was not present.

The motion to approve did not receive a majority of the votes and therefore the ordinance is considered “dead.” It was decided to continue to discuss the topic at the April Council meeting. Martin said after the Monday night meeting, if the Council intends to proceed, another ordinance will have to receive three readings before approval.

State of the City address

Mayor Evans had asked Pearson to set a date for the expected 45-minute State of the City address to the public. He suggested at least two dates which happen to fall within the spring break week. It was determined many Delphi residents will be gone during spring break, therefore the State of the City address will be April 4 at 7 p.m. in Council chambers.

Other business

Delphi Police Chief Steve Mullin reported 15 parking tickets were issued in February. Officers drove a total of 5,891 miles, issued seven citations, received 33 case reports and issued one handgun license. He said there were more than 90 calls for service. A new radar gun was purchased to replace one which was malfunctioning.

City Council members voted to liquidate several parcels of unused land owned by the City. Two separate appraisals must be obtained before anything is sold.

Water superintendent Myers reported IDEM approved connecting Well 1 to Well 3. The original plan was to connect Well 3 with Well 5, however the bids received for that project were for more money than is available.

Shockley reported there will be more than 25 parking places at the Delphi Community Center. In addition, he reported the sidewalk around the building will be donated by Indiana Packers Corporation.

Attorney Martin was directed to research who is responsible, the City or the property owner, to repair or replace the concrete wall at the corner of Hamilton and Main streets. Street Commissioner Aaron Lyons said the structure is in “very bad condition” and is retaining water which sometimes leaks out onto the pavement and ices at the intersection when the temperature drops below freezing.

The next meeting of the Board of Works will be a work session March 15 at 9 a.m. in Council Chambers. The next business meeting of the Board of Works will be March 19 at 5:30 p.m.

The next City Council meeting will be April 2 at 7 p.m.

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