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County moves to repair flood damage

Most, but not all, are back in their homes
By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

Titus Titus Carroll County Interim Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Director Mike Titus reported Monday there is significant activity as the residents of the county, and the county itself, addresses damages related to last week’s flood.

“The water is receding,” Titus reported. “There are a handful of places we haven’t been able to get to yet. We plan to begin damage surveys Wednesday (today).”

Titus said he met with White County officials and may share some resources when possible. He said he will be determining a “rough count” of the number of homes and other buildings damaged.

The EMA director said Carroll County Commissioners entered into a short-term contract with Waste Management for approximately eight roll-off dumpsters, which will be placed on Tecumseh and Horseshoe bends, in Tippecanoe Ranch Estates, in the Sleepy Hollow area and other locations as needed. The dumpsters will arrive either Wednesday (today) or Thursday of this week. Titus said the contract is only for 30 days. He said it is important for anyone wanting to use them to put their damaged items in them within the next three weeks.

“We need to start getting rid of some of the debris as soon as possible,” Titus said. “Everything can go into the dumpsters except refrigerators. When a box gets full, Waste Management will remove it and place another box in the same location.”

According to the state’s Joint Information Center, Governor Eric Holcomb issued a disaster declaration for Carroll County and other counties Feb. 24. The State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was activated Feb. 21 and responds to requests for assistance from local officials.

Titus “highly” urged residents with damage to report it online to the state at www.in.gov\dhs. Click on “Featured Topics” and go to the link, “Damage Reporting for Heavy Rain and Flooding Feb. 15 And Continuing.”

Titus said the local Red Cross “has been a blessing.” He said they have established a shelter at the First Assembly of God Church at the top of the Pittsburg Hill and are sheltering and feeding flood victims. They, along with Heartland Graphix in Delphi, are distributing cleaning supplies to flood victims.

A Red Cross public safety announcement indicates residents and others should stay away from flood water. If the water is above the ankles, “they should turn around and go the other way.” If a car is caught in rising water, drivers should get out of the car quickly and move to higher ground.

The announcement warned that it is difficult to gauge the depth of water at night. Children should be kept out of flood water and all homes should be checked for downed or loose power lines, damaged gas lines and foundation cracks. Additionally, if the smell of natural gas or propane gas is present or a hissing sound is audible, residents should leave the area immediately and call emergency responders to report the issue.

“Folks who live on the rivers are very resilient folks,” Titus said. “They are pulling together.”

“We are all good,” he concluded. “We are handling the situation.”

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