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Attempt to put former commissioner on county council seat thwarted

GOP Party leaders present at failed filing
By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

The deadline to file to be on a ballot for the May 8 Primary Election has come and gone, but not before leaders of the Carroll County Republican Party accompanied at deadline a former Commissioner to run as a candidate for a County Council seat.

Witnesses in the clerk’s office and the public, reported County Auditor Beth Myers, who is also the Republican Party chair, and County Assessor Neda Kay Duff, who is the Republican Party secretary, both of whom are running for office this year, accompanied Pat Clawson to the County Clerk’s Office for him to file to run for the County Council District 4 seat on Friday. The trio arrived in the clerk’s office at approximately 11:58 a.m., just two minutes before the deadline. Community member Republican Paul Rider had filed to run at 11:45 a.m. that day.

Clawson failed to complete the declaration to run for the office and the statement of economic interest forms before the noon deadline. The two forms, required by statute to be completed and submitted to the clerk’s office by the 12 p.m. deadline, were not finished by noon.

Rider obtained the paperwork to challenge Clawson’s candidacy later in the afternoon, however, it was unnecessary for him to complete it. Clerk Andrea Miller said she consulted with the State Elections Division of the Secretary of State’s Office for a determination about Clawson’s eligibility to appear on the ballot in the Primary Election. She said she was informed that, by statute, both forms had to be completed and submitted by the deadline. Miller then disqualified Clawson as a candidate for the seat.

Party Chair Myers told the Comet Tuesday she and Duff just walked with Clawson to the Clerk’s office last Friday to file to run for office. She said they were not trying to do any more than that.

“I did not take Pat to the Clerk’s office to run against Paul Rider,” Myers said. “I am the County Republican Chair. I had people request that I talk to Pat about running for office. Pat came to talk to me about it. He has county government experience.”

Myers said she did not know the candidate was required to complete the paperwork to file for candidacy by the noon deadline. She said she thought the candidate just had to be in the Clerk’s office by noon.

“In no way did I discourage Paul Rider from running for office,” Myers said.

Those who have filed to be on the May 8 Primary ballot include:

County Government

County Government Office Candidates

Carroll Circuit Court Judge
- (R) Benjamin A. Diener;

County Prosecutor - (R)
Nicholas C. McLeland;
County Sheriff - (R) Tobe H.
County Commissioner Dist. 1
- (R) Jamie Rough, (R) Rex
Millhouse and (R) former
Commissioner Loren Hylton;
County Council Dist. 1 – (R)
Jack Begley and (R) Tracy
County Council Dist. 2 - (R)
Dawn M. Clawson and (R)
Scott Ayres;
County Council Dist. 3 - (R)
Ethan Brown;
County Council Dist. 4 – (R)
Paul Rider;
County Assessor - (R) Neda K.
County Auditor - (R) Beth
Myers, (R) Sharon Milburn;
County Treasurer - (R)
Melinda Rossetter and (D) Jack

Township Trustee Candidates

Adams Twp. - (R) Jamie
Burlington Twp. - (D) Alan

Clay Twp. - (R) Marla Milazzo; Deer Creek Twp. - (R) Doris
Jackson Twp. - (R) Deb Foreman; Jefferson Twp. - (R) Rita Millhouse; Liberty Twp. – (R) Kathy Justice; Madison Twp. - (R) Dwaine
K. Ward;
Monroe Twp. - (R) Sarah Hanaway; Rock Creek Twp. - (R) Don
Leisure and (R) Bryon Nipple;
Tippecanoe Twp. - (R) Marcia
Jura: and
Washington Twp. - (D) Emily

*Note no candidates will appear on the ballot for Democrat or Carrollton township trustee seats.

Township Board Candidates

Adams Twp. - (R) Jeffrey
Burlington Twp. - (R) Lance
Alter, (R) Linda Heinzelman;
Carrollton Twp. - (R) John R.

Clay Twp. - (R) Jerry Frey, (R)
Wayne Remaly;
Deer Creek Twp. - (R) Jayne
Abbott, (R) David R. McCain
and (D) Janie Smith;
Democrat Twp. - (D)
Theodore M. Enoch, (R) Carol
Richard Bordner;
Jackson Twp. - (R) Lisa
Jefferson Twp. - (R) Annie M.
Crosser, (R) Gene Cocanower,
(R) John Wells;
Liberty Twp. - (R) Jerry
Madison Twp. - (R) Dan LePage, (R) Dee Humbarger and
(R) Norman Anderson;
Monroe Twp. - (R) Tina Albaugh, (R) Scott D. Sisson, (R)
Janice A. Marvin;
Rock Creek Twp. - (R) Larry
Leach, (R) Joseph Seagrave
and (D) Sandra Brown;
Tippecanoe Twp. - (R) Shirley
Goyer, (R) Bethany Zink; and
Washington Twp. - (R) Patrick
H. O’Donnell, (D) Joseph
Mylet, (D) Christopher J.

Flora Town Council Candidates

(R) Jim Hancock, (R) Darrell Yoder, (D) Mark Pinkard and (D) Jason Burns.

Town Council candidates do not appear on the May 8 Primary ballot. Candidates for town councils have until Aug. 1 at noon to file to run for office. There are two seats to be filled in the November General Election. A Party will hold a caucus only if more than two members of the same Party file to run in November.

Additional information about the Republican Party can be obtained from Party Chair Beth Myers who can be contacted via email at bbcmyers@tds.net and by telephone at (765) 564- 9676. Democrat Party Chair Roger Beckner can be reached by telephone at (574) 967-3531. Libertarian Party Chair Franklyn Voorhies can be reached by telephone at (765) 543-7645.

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