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Dispatch time clock hits snag

By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

Lead Communicator Cassie Lane told the Carroll County Commissioners Monday morning she purchased a time clock for her staff to use, which, she said, will solve “accountability” issues. She provided Commissioners a print-out of a time card, which she said is easier to read and takes less time to administer. Lane requested Commissioners approve the form and the time clock for use.

County Auditor Beth Myers said the matter should have been presented to the Employee Personnel Advisory Committee before the machine was purchased and before it was used. Myers said if anyone clocks in 15 minutes before their shift using the time clock, the county has an obligation to pay them for that time. County Council President Ann Brown agreed.

“We have to pay them for the time if they clock in,” she said.

Lane was directed to halt using the clock until the situation is reviewed by the Personnel Committee.

Jail Committee

Commissioners were asked to solicit “Request for Qualifications” from three architectural firms to begin the process of solving the overcrowding at the jail. Former Sheriff and DLZ representative Lee Hoard suggested the county request an extension of the March 1 deadline imposed by the State to have a plan to solve the problem. Sheriff Tobe Leazenby and Johnson were directed to contact Kenneth Whitaker, General Manager of the Department of Correction with the request. RFQs are due Feb. 19.


Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Director Doug Atkisson reported the department charged a total of $1,122,828.19 in 2017. Of that number, $426,804.14 was dismissed due to Medicaid and Medicare as well as other contracts. A total of $506,527.56 was paid into the General Fund as payments. Total revenue calculated was $580,668.81 for 2017.

Runs in Deer Creek far exceeded runs from any other township at 785. The department made 350 runs to Monroe Township, 136 to Tippecanoe Twp. and 122 to Burlington. Jackson Twp. saw 86 ambulance runs, Democrat Twp. 82 and Carrollton had 37. Other township runs included 15 to Adams Twp., 48 to Clay, seven to Jefferson, 40 to Liberty, 24 to Madison, 24 to Rock Creek, 27 to Washington and five runs to unnamed locales.

Atkisson said the department will need four monitors, which will cost from $30,000 to $40,000 each. He said he is soliciting a $162,000 grant to pay for the new equipment. In addition, the director reported 18 calls in 2017 were for drug overdoses in which 11 resulted in lives being saved. Atkisson said there have been six similar calls already this year.

EDC appointment

An appointment to the Carroll County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) was tabled until all three commissioners are present. John Brown left the meeting early due to illness. It was noted former Commissioner Pat Clawson has filled the post for the past several years.

“We pay them a lot of money,” Commissioner Bill Brown said.

“I think it should be one of us (current commissioners) sitting on the board,” Commissioner Pearson added. Other business

James Snoeberger was awarded the bid to cash-rent 14 acres of county-owned farm ground for two years. He will compensate the county $3,400 for each year.

The Health Department received a $2,500 grant to address diabetes issues. Although the money has been received, there is no fund established in the auditor’s office to receipt the money. Myers asked Commissioners to establish a fund, however attorney Johnson said it may not be necessary. Myers said she would be unable to pay bills without a fund. Johnson said he will research the matter.

Council member Josh Plue, as a representative of the insurance company for which he works, successfully negotiated a contract with Commissioners for his company to provide liability insurance for the county. Plue was directed at the time to complete and submit a “Conflict of Interest” form. The form was never completed. Johnson said it should have been done when the contract was signed. He said Plue should not file “a late one.”

Carroll Manor Superintendent Martha Lewis was granted permission to use donation fund money to pay for an advertisement in the local information guide. Lewis is to change the ad so that it does not indicate the Manor is an “assisted living” facility.

Pearson was appointed to represent the Commissioners as an alternate on the Northwest Solid Waste District Board of Directors.

Frontier High School will use the Courthouse April 20 for Prom.

Payroll claims for $207,596.97 were approved as were County General claims for $209,671.69, Highway claims for $53,039, early claims for $204,568.38 and claims against tax-based accounts for $120,242.27.

The next meeting will be Feb. 19 at 9 a.m.

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