2018-02-07 / Community

Radice is candidate for U.S. Congress

Timothy Michael Radice of Lafayette has announced his candidacy for U.S. Congress, 4th District, in the Republican May Primary.

Radice has worked on ranches, in hospitals, stores, call centers and is currently working at Wabash National in Lafayette. Radice believes Americans want a representative that understands that all men and women, no matter what their stature in society, are not measured by their money, but their love and dedication.

“I’m the only candidate who understands the everyday working Hoosier,” Radice said. “I support new minimum tax laws for working people, new federal holidays, curbing negative regulations, better job incentives for our veterans, and helping our district create the full time jobs that Hoosiers deserve. I’m the only candidate that’s talking about the opioid addiction that is poisoning our State. I’m the only candidate that will say “No” to amnesty. My vision is a State where our precious right to free speech is protected and not abused. I will fully protect our Second Amendment rights, but also work hard to end gun violence in our streets.”

Radice Radice For more information on Radice, visit tmradice.nationbuilder.com.

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