2018-01-17 / Local News

New board president for DCSC

By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

The Delphi Community School Board met Jan. 8 to reorganize for 2018. Board member Steve Myer was elected president with a nomination by board member Chris Nipple. Kent Sales nominated Gil Smith for vice president and Neal Anderson nominated Bill Trueblood for secretary. All nominations were voted on together and all nominees were elected.

There was a motion to approve all consent items on the agenda, A. through J. The motion was amended to vote on item D. separately. Former president Kirk Swartzkopf read the details of the agenda items into the minutes in what seemed to be an attempt to comply with Indiana’s Open Door Law, IC 5-14-1.4. The statute states, “…A rule, regulation, ordinance or other final action adopted by reference to agenda number or item alone is void.”

The items on the agenda, which were approved in total, indicated the School Board will meet on the second Monday of the month at 7 p.m. at the corporation office. School board salaries will be $2,000 for each member for the year. Allison Farrell was appointed Corporation Treasurer and Gayla Martin was appointed Assistant Treasurer.

The public employee bond was set at $340,000 with the bond for the treasurer to be $100,000. The treasurer was given authority to prepay utilities and any other necessary payments and the legal firm of Newby, Lewis, Kaminiski & Jones LLP was retained as legal counsel. Ross Striebeck was appointed as the corporation attendance and hearing officer. Sharon Pelley was appointed as the designee for alternative and private residential placement and Superintendent Greg Briles will be enrolled as a member of the Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents and in the Indiana Association of School Business Officials. School Board members will be enrolled as members of the Indiana School Board Association.

Item D. on the agenda, which was “School Corporation Extra- Curricular Treasurers” and not included in the first motion, was approved unanimously in a separate vote. Connie Brown was voted to be the High School treasurer, Bobbi Ellison as the Middle School treasurer, Connie Myer was approved as the Elementary School treasurer, Shelly Britton as the Camden Early Childhood Center treasurer and Susan Hartman as the Athletics treasurer.

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