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Burlington establishes reserve police force

Susan Scholl

Ordinance 2018-3, establishing a reserve police force for the Town of Burlington, was approved at the town council’s first meeting of the new year on Jan. 9.

The reserve force will not exceed five members to be appointed by the Town Council upon the recommendations of the marshal. Other stipulations are that reserve officers will be given a uniform/equipment allowance in the amount of $500 per year. They will not carry a firearm unless they have successfully completed a pre-basic course.

Town court

Marshal Terry Moore inquired about reinstating the town court so that some of the monies collected in fines and court costs can be retained by the town.

Town attorney Justin Alter said according to Indiana Code, to collect on traffic violations the town must have a town court or traffic violations bureau. Otherwise, tickets will be filed through the county court system.

“There must be some kind of court for due process,” Alter said.

At one time Burlington had a town court with various citizens serving as judge, but has since done away with the court.

Teddy Huffer said it was his understanding “once the court is abolished you can’t go back to the way it used to be or even get it back. The court has to be manned by an attorney.”

The town will proceed with putting together a speed limit ordinance for town streets. Alter continues to work on a bicycle ordinance.

Town founding

Local historian James Rich has information that he believes proves Burlington was founded in 1833, not 1828 as is current fact. He also believes the town and township are named for the Miami tribal chief, Meshingomesia. Meshingomesia’s English name is Burr Oak. Rich theorizes that Burr Oak was sent by his father, who was then chief, to check out surveying of the Michigan Road to see what threats it posed for the Big Miami Reserve. Rich believes Burr Oak provided the road builders with useful information and made such a strong impression on them that they named the town and township after him. Dates of founding, according to Rich, are: Burlington Township March 5, 1882 and Town of Burlington, May 29, 1833.

Rich has been in contact with the Miami Tribe, checking their records and talking with historians, as well as Carroll County historian

Mark Smith. He continues to do research on the subject.

Rich told the council the reason he is doing this is because he is passionate about history and he wants the town’s history to be right.

Town officials

Stan Moore will continue as council president with Steve Michael as vice president. Karen Dinger will continue as wastewater clerk as will Alter as town attorney for 2018.

Other business

A resident inquired about who is responsible for the security light in the Dollar General parking lot. He said the light has been out for some time and he wants to see it replaced. The council does not know who owns the lot at this time but pointed him in the direction to find out.

The council took under advisement Marshal Terry Moore’s request to work with the U.S. Marshal’s service on days he is not working for the town.

The towns of Burlington and Yeoman share a representative on the Carroll County Area Plan Commission. Huffer began serving on APC with Yeoman’s approval following the death of Joe Armstrong. It is a yearly appointment. Moore said he contacted Yeoman about the position but has not heard back.

The marshal’s report for December included 2 misdemeanor charges of driving while suspended-prior; 5 assists of other agencies (3 welfare checks, 2 medical issues); 5 calls for service (1 invasion of privacy, 1 intimidation, 2 medical); 115 warnings (100 written, 15 verbal); 15 tickets issued; and 2 misdemeanors.

Public works employee Steve Stout reported he has town equipment ready for the next significant snow. It was agreed that notes indicating not to park in snow plow areas will be left on vehicles that are in the way.

Moore expressed sadness at the death of Jerry Barnes. “He will be missed by the people of Burlington and town hall,” he said.

An internal control meeting was tentatively set for March 20.

The next council meeting will be at 7 p.m. Feb. 13 in town hall.

Dec. 26 special meeting

John Beauman with the U.S. Marshals Southern Indiana Task Froce spoke to the council about Marshal Moore doing U.S. Marshal work in this area.

The marshal may accrue up to 200 hours of vacation time with a cap at that limit.

Ordinance 2017-5 setting 2018 salaries for the town and wastewater utility were approved.

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