2018-01-10 / Looking Back

Looking Back

No, this is not a picture of a western town. Rather the photo of buildings, barns and homes seen through a stand of cedar trees was taken in Pittsburg in 1860. No, this is not a picture of a western town. Rather the photo of buildings, barns and homes seen through a stand of cedar trees was taken in Pittsburg in 1860. From files of Carroll County Comet, Journal-Citizen, Hoosier Democrat, Delphi Journal, the Flora History website and the Carroll County Historical Museum.


The new Carroll County Emergency Management Director Dave McDowell not only had his duties to coordinate emergency response activities to a sudden massive flood, but he also became a victim of the flood. He was named EMA director Dec. 31, 2007, and at McDowell’s recommendation the commissioners declared a county emergency Jan. 2.

The Carroll County Council voted to install five-year member Nancy R. Cripe as president, replacing long-time president Rob Baker.


Joseph T. Ives and Barry T. Emerson have announced that Patrick F. Manahan is a partner in their law firm. The Delphi firm’s name has been changed to Ives, Emerson & Manahan.

Master Indiana Conservation Officer Tom Skinner was promoted to First Sergeant of District 3, which includes 10 counties surrounding Lafayette. Skinner has been a conservation officer for 16 years and for 14 of those years, was stationed in Carroll County.


Robert Hall has announced he sold Hall’s Certified Store to Willi H. Wallmann and his wife, Inge, who are natives of Germany. Hall’s father started the original store in Pittsburg in 1896. The Delphi business was started in 1907 in its present location.

The Interstate Bag Company has closed its manufacturing operation in Flora. Equipment and supplies were sent to the firm’s main plant in Walden, N.Y. The plant closed after almost three years in operation and affected nearly 50 employees. The company gave each employee an opportunity to move to its New York plant.


Deer Creek, Tippecanoe and Madison Township Trustees made a new agreement with firemen from Delphi to operate the Tri- Township fire truck. The former contract had expired. The 10 firemen asked for $120 for the year, but were given $90. Township Trustees agreed to budget the $120 for the next year. The plan was proposed by the three new trustees from each of the townships and accepted by the firemen at their monthly meeting.


John Edward Ferrier was appointed Carroll County Highway Superintendent and James O. Obear was appointed Carroll County attorney. Both men are considered by the people of the county as deserving and well qualified to fill the positions.

Joseph Eikenberry, born Sept. 2, 1834, the third child of Isaac and Sarah Eikenberry, pioneers of Indiana and Carroll County, died at his Burnettsville home Dec. 28, 1917. He was married to Phoebe Young in 1885. Her people settled at an early date one-half mile southeast of Flora. She too was born on Sept. 2 and died Dec. 28, 1893. Eikenberry spent his early life on the farm and later became engaged in the livestock business.

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