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Patron expresses concern about lack of art classes in DCES

By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

It seemed to be widely accepted by the majority of the Delphi Community School Board that eliminating art classes from the Elementary School two years ago may have not been the best change in the school’s curriculum. Patron Andrea Smothers, who has a child in the fourth-grade, broached the topic with board members at their Monday night meeting.

Smothers said some children are excited by art class and it should not have been taken away from them, although she said she understood why the measure was approved at the time. She said she is interested in reestablishing art class for elementary school students.

“How can we bring that (art classes) back?” Smothers asked the board.

Smothers said the Delphi Public Library received grant funds to host a visiting artist program and suggested the school corporation research grant funding for a similar program. Board member Gil Smith reported he was approached by a parent with the same concern. Elementary Principal Bill Shidler said he is exploring the possibility of establishing an art club.

Board member Kent Sales said he feels like there has been something missing from the corporation since the annual spring art show was discontinued.

Former board president Kirk Schwarzkopf asked administrators to meet and develop a presentation to be given to the school board. The subject of the presentation t voni is to be what students need in the way of curriculum and what the school corporation is not providing. ws

Schwarzkopf told administrators to answer the question, “Where are thew holes?”

Claims and payroll

Superintendent Greg Briles indicated verbally that the total amount for general claims and payroll claims was $1,541,369.12 and asked the board to approve that amount, which is the standard operating procedure. Board members were not given a printout of the claims before or during the meeting.

Schwarzkopf made a motion to approve only the payroll claims and requested to know that amount separate from the total. Board member Neal Anderson seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously. Treasurer Allison

Ferrell provided the requested information. The amount for payroll claims, which was unanimously approved, was $697,130.81. Schwarzkopf and Anderson agreed board members should review the information before making a decision to approve the claims or not.

“I would like to have the opportunity to look at them (claims) before we approve them,” Schwarzkopf said. Other business

Shidler reported the new program “All Pro Dads” has been successful. The program is for students in fourth and fifth-grades and a male role model in their lives. The group meets early in the mornings and an occasional Saturday. Shidler said the number of participants has varied between 22 and 55. He said a discussion is under way to extend the program to include third-graders next year.

Briles reported babychanging stations have been installed throughout bathrooms in the campus. He said each unit cost $133 but he did not disclose how many units were purchased.

Revisions to the established NEOLA policies were presented for review by Board members. A vote to approve or disapprove them will happen in the February meeting.

Board member Chris Nipple encouraged his fellow board members to file to run for re-election, beginning this week.

The next meeting will be Feb. 12 at 7 p.m.

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