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City Council may get electronic tablets

Council elects Pearson leader for another year
By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

Delphi City Council members were asked by Mayor Shane Evans at the Jan. 2 meeting if there were any changes they would like to see in the way the city government is administered in 2018.

“Have less paper,” Council member Brian Garrison stated.

Other Council members voiced agreement with Garrison. Evans explained some of the paperwork was necessary for binders.

Clerk-Treasurer Leanne Aldrich said she has learned from other clerks for City Councils many have gone to a paperless system and they use electronic tablets for most communication, such as board packets.

Aldrich was asked to obtain costs for the new equipment and make a report at the February meeting.

Council election

City Council member Carolyn

Pearson was nominated by dpCouncil member Dale Seward to lead the group for another year as their president.S Council member Mike Shockley provided the second. Pearson was elected obs unanimously by Seward, Shockley, Garrison and Dick Traeger. Police department

The written police report provided by Police Chief Steve Mullin revealed officers drove 4,258 miles in December. A total of two citations, two warnings and five parking tickets were issued. Fourteen arrests were made from the 74 calls for service and 30 incident reports.

Council member Dale Seward asked Mullin about enforcement of the stop at the recessed white line, in the northbound left turn lane, on Washington St. This was during a discussion about eliminating some parking spaces in various intersections due to compromised visibility for drivers.

“Do your men enforce the disregarding of the stop when people pull up too far there?” Seward asked.

Mullin said they do not.

“We wouldn’t write someone a ticket for not stopping behind the white line,” Mullin said.

“I believe it’s a violation if you drive past that white line and stop,” Seward countered.

Seward explained how trucks are sometimes prevented from turning south onto Washington St. because northbound drivers on Washington St. are not stopping where they are supposed to stop. He said it would not be wise to eliminate a parking space on that corner until drivers are stopped where they are supposed to stop.

“You want me to write a ticket to someone beyond that line for the left-hand turn?” Mullin asked Seward.

Evans supported Seward in the contention the police could issue tickets in that instance.

“If it’s a red light, it would be disregarding a traffic signal,” the Mayor told Mullin.

“I would think that would be part of it,” Seward stated.

Seward also asked the Police Chief if his officers look for abandoned vehicles to address or does someone have to report one before the vehicle situation is addressed. Mullin replied his officers look for the problems.


City Council members reappointed Kevin Gaskill and Anita Werling to the Delphi Redevelopment Commission.

Council member Shockley was appointed to the Northwest Indiana Solid Waste District Board of Directors.

Recodification of codes

The Council voted to suspend the rules of adoption and recodify all Delphi City codes on the same day. Evans requested the speedy adoption because he said he wanted to get the codes on the website soon.

Vacation rentals approval

The Council passed an ordinance on second reading which would allow vacation rentals by an owner within the Urban 1 and Urban 2 zoning areas. According to the ordinance, there would be no permitting or registration process.

Repeal of Community Room language

The Council adopted Ordinance 2017-19, which repeals language used to describe the use of the community room in the City Building.

Other business

Upon encouragement from the Mayor, the Council set the date for Trick or Treating for October. The City leaders also voted to waive garage sale permit fees during Old Settlers in August. City Council President Pearson asked why they were being asked to approve the two so far ahead of time, Evans said he liked to get things done as early as possible.

At least three of the five Council members said they have not finished their assigned job to rate all of the sidewalks in their districts. Pearson, Seward and Brian Garrison all indicated the ratings were in progress, but not finished. The Mayor requested the work be done by the City Council members several months ago.

The next City Council meeting will be Feb. 5 at 7 p.m.

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