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Delphi Council sends request for zoning amendment for transient housing

By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

Delphi City Council members discussed the positive impact to the community as well as the possible ramifications of allowing property owners to rent out rooms to unknown people by using Internet brokers, such as AirBnB at the Monday night meeting. Delphi Mayor Shane Evans reported there are at least two property owners who are currently involved in the activity.

Evans said the Carroll County Area Plan Commission (APC) asked for recommendations from the City Council before developing language to allow the activity, either by right or by a special exception to the City’s zoning ordinance. He said the two property owners engaged in the online activity may not be in compliance with the current zoning ordinance, however no enforcement has happened.

Evans presented a handout he prepared based on the Tippecanoe County definitions of “Transient Guest Room,” “Transient Guest Rental,” and “Transient Guest House.”

It was reported that the members of “Pure Prairie League,” who recently performed at the Delphi Opera House, recently stayed in broker arranged accommodations on North St.

“It’s a growing thing,” Council member Brian Garrison said. “I think it is a good idea.”

Council member Mike Shockley said most houses in Delphi would not qualify due to space restrictions. Council member Carolyn Pearson said she would like to hear from those who would operate such establishments.

A language recommendation will be formally developed by attorney Makenzie Martin and forwarded to the APC for consideration at the Nov. 28 meeting.


The Council adopted an ordinance to approve two handicapped parking places on Indiana St. north of Main St. and a handicapped parking space near the new fire station on Union St.

A motion to approve an ordinance to repeal the Community Room Usage Language was also approved on first reading. The matter will be presented at the December meeting for the second reading.

A resolution designed to indicate to others in the state that Delphi is an “Indiana Broadband Ready Community,” which serves as a marketing tool, was also approved.

Other business

The next meeting will be Dec. 4 at 7 p.m.

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