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Burlington Town Council member charged with intimidation

By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

Burlington Town Council member Teddy Huffer, who is the Burlington and Yeoman representative on the Carroll County Area Plan Commission, was charged Tuesday, Nov. 7 with a level five felony for intimidation. The charge stems from an alleged incident Oct. 3 at the Stout Funeral Home in Burlington.

The Probable Cause Affidavit filed Tuesday, Nov. 7, in Carroll Circuit Court was signed by Indiana State Trooper Jay Harper. Harper is an Indiana State Police detective. He reviewed the report of ISP Detective Tim Kendall concerning an incident which occurred Oct. 3 involving Teddy Huffer.

Detective Kendall’s report in the probable cause affidavit related the following information:

“On Oct. 13, Det. Kendall met with Jeff Stout, who reported that he is working as an intern at Stout’s Funeral Home, located at 44 Michigan Rd. in Burlington. Stout said that on Oct. 3 at about 1100 hours, he and Morgan Waldon were leaving the funeral home in Burlington and Teddy Huffer pulled into the parking lot of the funeral home, approached Stout and Waldon and then began waving a firearm in front of Stout. He said while Huffer was waving the gun in front of him, Huffer said, ‘it will be your funeral next.’ Stout said Huffer did not point the gun directly at him, but only waved it in front of his face and made the statement to him.

“Stout said about a week before this incident, he was parking vehicles at the funeral home. He stated Huffer pulled into the parking lot and wanted to park near the door. Stout said he told Huffer he could not park near the door and offered to move his vehicle for him to another location and then pick it up when he was ready to leave. Stout said Huffer became upset with him when told he could not park where he wanted to. Stout believed that the incident on Oct. 3 was a result of the previous parking disagreement.

“On October 16, Det. Kendall met with Morgan Waldon. Waldon advised that he works for the Stout Funeral Home and that he was working with Jeff Stout on the date of Oct. 3. Waldon said he and Stout had just dropped off a casket at the funeral home and they were walking to their vehicle when Teddy Huffer pulled into the parking lot. Waldon said Huffer parked near their vehicle and he got out and walked toward them. Waldon said Huffer walked up to Stout and pulled a small caliber handgun from his pocket and waved it in front of Stout’s face. Waldon said Huffer made a statement to the effect that ‘it’s locked and loaded and you will be in there next.’ Waldon stated Huffer got into his vehicle and left the area. He stated he didn’t know why Huffer would have done this, but after the incident Stout advised him about the earlier parking disagreement.”

According to the Odyssey database used by the Carroll County Courts, a writ of attachment or warrant was issued against Huffer on Tuesday. Additional information was not available as of press time.

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