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‘Get in the game…be a leader’

DES initiates peer mediator program
By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

The Delphi Community School Board learned Monday night the elementary school counselor started a Peer Mediator Program last year, which has been expanded this year due to its popularity. DES Counselor Jeanine Newman said the program trains students to help peers with minor conflicts. She said each program participant undergoes a four-hour training, a mock mediation session and each must pass a written test before they are allowed to formally mediate a conflict with fellow students.

Newman said the program has become so popular she has 17 students registered for this year’s program. Those students are currently being trained. She said the program’s motto is, “Get in the Game…Be a Leader” because those who become mediators also tend to become leaders in their classes.

E-Learning Days announced

DCSC Superintendent Greg Briles said the corporation was awarded four elearning days to use this school year. He said students will stay at home and learn on Dec. 1 and March 12. No other dates were announced.

Teacher contract negotiations

According to Board President Kirk Schwarzkopf, negotiations between the Board and the Teachers Association are currently underway. Neal Anderson and Gil Smith are on the negotiating team for the Board.

Schwarzkopf said Briles appointed the two Board members to represent the corporation. He said the negotiations are “going very well.”

Briles said the group is meeting weekly on Thursday nights. No time or location was provided by the Superintendent. When asked how long the negotiating team is expected to meet, Briles said, “until they are done.”

Because the superintendent appointed the Board members as the negotiators, they are not bound by Indiana’s Open Door Law to announce meetings as they would have been had they been appointed by the board president.

Solar farm

The solar farm project located behind the main campus, known as “the back solar field,” is roughly 85 percent completed, according to Briles. He said the solar project located at the former Delphi Armory, which is now the transportation depot, has experienced delays.

Schwarzkopf explained it was not known the Armory used a septic system rather than be on Delphi’s sewer system. He said when they were installing a portion of the solar farm, the septic was breached and the decision was made to abandon it. Schwarzkopf said the City of Delphi installed a new sewer system to the building without cost to the school corporation. The building is on City water.

A check with the City Clerk-Treasurer’s Office revealed the school corporation has only been billed for water and not for sewage over the years.

Other business

Briles reported the corporation counted 1,425 students on “count day” as opposed to the projected 1,413.

The Board voted unanimously to adopt the 1028 (General Obligation Bond) Reimbursement Project resolution, the Preliminary Bond resolution and a Reimbursement resolution after a formal Public Hearing at which no member of the public spoke.

Board members voted unanimously to approve a Child Nutrition Program Procurement Plan and a Food Service Procurement Policy. Both documents can be obtained from the DCSC Corporation Office.

Fall Break will be Oct. 23 to Oct. 27.

The next Board meeting will be Nov. 13 at 7 p.m.

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