2017-10-11 / Faith

Counting the cost

By Pastor Jeff Tomson

Tomson Tomson Not so long ago, there was a debate in North Carolina regarding gender and bathrooms. Bruce Springsteen decided to exercise his right to protest by refusing to do concerts there. At the same time bakers and florists who disagree with same sex weddings seem to have lost that same right.

Currently, the NFL is having an issue with not standing for the National Anthem and some fans are choosing to protest by not going to or watching games on television. The President seems to make outrageous statements on Twitter and others seem to fire back with even threats of assignation. It appears that the only thing that we, as a nation, are concerned about is how we feel at this very moment and that there is no long-term consequence to our actions. Express our rights to free speech and keep our opponents from doing the same? Deny or ignore our past statements or positions just to win the current argument? Do we ever think about the result of winning the argument or stirring the pot without a real solution? Rosa Parks had in mind equality and was willing to suffer for it. The momentary cost was worth the change that she sought. She counted the cost.

We know that there is corruption in our governmental bodies. We try to police it, but the individuals that partake in it never envision the legacy to follow because they just want to make a few more bucks under the table. The result of those activities is unrest today, because we know that the individual allegations could be true. They did not count the costs of their actions on our nation. The list of examples can go on and on.

In Luke 14:25-25, Jesus addresses the mater of current problems and long-term consequences. He talks about counting the cost of our actions and plans. While we are currently concerned with the condition of our nation, He was looking even further down the road to eternity. He was beckoning us to look forward as He had done. He knew that the consequence of loving and saving us from ourselves was His death on the Cross. He also knew that most of us would not look far enough ahead to embrace His gift.

All our actions have consequences, some seem too harsh, but that is why we should count the cost beforehand. I hear that it costs nothing to be kind, I disagree. It costs us our selfishness, just as being kind and loving cost Jesus His life. He thought that you were worth the cost. Do you think that He and His Kingdome are worth it? Have you counted the cost of not accepting His gift?

Jeff Tomson is the pastor at Living Faith Church of the Brethren.

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