2017-08-09 / Public Records

Real Estate Transfers

Amanda M. Skinner and Amanda M. Redmon to Amanda M. Redmon and Paul J. Redmon, quit claim.

Bank of New York Mellon to Core Capital Properties LLC

Mark J. Currier and Janice E. Currier to Judy A. Cruell and John T. Cruell, warranty deed.

Garnet E. Shafer to Debra G. Roberts, quit claim.

Rossdel Re LLC and Rineco LLC to Gerald L. Kruger and Lorie A. Kruger, warranty deed.

Anthony Sullivan to Anthony Sullivan and Rachel E. Sullivan, warranty deed.

Joyce F. Brubaker to Joyce F. Brubaker, Jeffery L. Brubaker, Joseph S. Brubaker, Jerrel D. Brubaker, Jay L. Brubaker, Julie A. Kinder and LDPS, death deed.

Majestic Custom Homes of Lafayette Inc. to Milakis Homes LLC, corporate deed.

Brodie Dillon to Lewis P. Achor, warranty deed.

JM & SJ LP to Tyrus W. Campbell and Sara F. Campbell, general deed.

Caliber Home Loans Inc. to Gregory L. Downham and Rebecca A. Downham, warranty deed.

Jeff Dague to Stephanie J. Green, warranty deed.

William Hollis to Kristy L. Walsh, warranty deed.

Eileen A. McCarty to Deborah K. Rush, Steven P. Mc- Carty and Eileen A. McCarty life estate, warranty deed.

Roger D. Miller and Renita S. Miller to Northern Indiana Public Service Company, warranty deed.

The estate of Deborah K. Hile Bradfield and the estate of Deborah K. Bradfield Hile to Thomas J. Bradfield Jr., personal deed.

Blair M. Bailey and Kimberly J. Bailey to Kenneth Brewster and Toni Smith- Brewster, warranty deed.

Tempest Homes LLC to Sigrid K. Zahner, warranty deed.

Cynthia F. Hoagland to Heather N. Storey, quit claim.

Meredith Ashba life estate, Paul E. Ashba Jr. and Nadine J. Kingsley to Kevin M. Beard and Ruby Beard, warranty deed.

Brian W. Henderson and Lourdes Henderson to Benjamin A. Diener and Abigail A. Diener, warranty deed.

Keith E. Koekenberg to Karen P. Koekenberg, quit claim.

Keith B. Mullin, Grace L. Mullin and Grace L. Ebker to Keith B. Mullin, quit claim.

Larry J. Frey to LJK Frey LLC & Frey LJK LLC, quit claim.

Jeff Edgar to Douglas Simmons and Andrea Simmons, warranty deed.

Mark A. Dickerson and Angela J. Dickerson to Sears Revocable Living Trust, warranty deed.

Hildegard E. Haines to Catherine A. Patel, warranty deed.

The estate of Edward R. Carr to Norman Vandeventer, personal deed.

Sheldon R. Holsinger, Stanley E. Holsinger and Lyle D. Holsinger to Philip D. Holsinger joint revocable trust and Susan I. Holsinger joint revocable trust, warranty deed.

Barbara J. Walters revocable living trust to Bart Walters, quit claim.

Peter D. Myers and Kimberly M. Myers to Christopher L. Weinkauf and Christine L. Weinkauf, warranty deed.

Sandra A. Barr to Kenneth L. Ross, warranty deed.

Max R. Sullivan revocable trust and Norma M. Sullivan revocable trust to Barrett Family Trust, trust deed. Certificate of Assumed Business Name

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