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APC issues 49 permits

Comet staff report

The Carroll County Area Plan Commission issued 30 permits during June for improvements amounting to $2,281,550.

The APC issued 19 permits during July for improvements amounting to $882,319.

Permits issued in June were:

Adams Twp. – Jeffrey and Susan Shields, new residence w/attached garage and covered porch w/deck, $200,000; and Cathy Oliver and Carolyn Hanoway, 26.4x44, doublewide mobile home, $24,000.

Burlington Twp. – Jeremy Crume, 66x34 residence, $295,000.

Delphi – Jeff and Krista Watson, new residence w/attached garage, covered and uncovered deck and concrete patio, $175,000.

Jefferson Twp. – Dave and Joyce Younts, 16x72 singlewide mobile home, $132,000 and Jane Rehwinkel, 16x76 manufactured home, $50,000.

Tippecanoe Twp. – Milakis Homes, 58x39 residence, $266,000.

Remodeling/non-traditional permits were issued to:

Adams Twp. – David and Rebecca Hankins, 47x26 addition to cottage, $200,000 and Michael Kim and Teresa Long, 14x16 addition to home, $11,000.

Burlington Twp. – John White, 32x24 storage building, $22,000; Jeremy Crume, 40x80 post frame building w/porch, $40,000 and Michael Ball, 24 ft. above ground pool, $2,000. Clay Twp. – Jeff Hubler, 37x40 pole barn, $63,000.

Deer Creek Twp. – Gary Freeman, 24x24 detached garage, $4,500, and James Werner, 36x80 post frame storage building, $34,950.

Delphi – Christopher Daly, 26x22 detached garage, $11,000.

Jefferson Twp. – William Hargraves, 20x14 garage, $6,000; James and Julia Whitehouse, 6x8 second story deck on top of existing deck and footprint, $500; Janice Holihan, 10x10 portable storage shed, $900; Joseph Perez, 15x11 patio sunroom, $38,000; Eric Fischer, 24x48 post frame storage bldg., $6,700; Richard Wilson and Sue Seaman, 30x30 pole barn add., $21,000; Eric and Virginia Floyhar, bath add., front and rear deck, screen room and landing, $50,000; FastTrac Telecom Services, 100x100 compound/300 guided tower (2) at $26,000 each and Robert Gross, 30x64 garage, $50,000.

Madison Twp. – Darrell and Janice Bailey, 48x80 post frame construction storage bldg., $88,000.

Monroe Twp. – Alternative Ag., 80x104 pole barn w/porch, $400,000.

Rock Creek – Gary Yoder, 34x70 greenhouse, $8,000.

Washington Twp. – Wayne Downham Farms LLC, 18x24 room addition, $30,000.

New addresses assigned for 911 - 2

Certificate of compliance – 5

Site visits - 12

Zoning verifications – 0

Flood plain verifications/ determinations – 0

CAFO pre-app permits – 0

Variance/exception requests – 1

Rezone requests – 1

Temporary permits issued - 0

Permits issued in July were:

Carrollton Twp. – Elizabeth Ayres, 48x70 residence w/attached garage, $235,000.

Deer Creek Twp. – Jeremy Sterrett, 23x38 residence and portable shed, $60,000.

Liberty Twp. – Chris Schnieb, 26.67x56 residence, $60,000.

Tippecanoe Twp. – Majestic Homes, 78x70 residence w/52x28 attached garage, $140,000.

Remodeling/non-traditional permits were issued to:

Burlington Twp. – Kenneth Orem, 16x20 storage shed, $4,000.

Carrollton Twp. – Aaron Wyant, 24 ft. above ground pool and 32x57 deck, $14,000.

Clay Twp. – Stephen Rinehart, 80x157 commercial storage/business bldg., $18,000, and Kova Ag Products, 40x124 fertilizer storage shed, $160,000.

Deer Creek Twp. – Megan Yates, 12x8 deck, $300; Loran Lantz, 40x72 pole barn, deck around home, $26,819; Alan and Katrina Coghill, covered front and back deck, $50,000; Norman Hunt, 24x20 carport/storage shed, $4,000; and James Dieter, 12x32 portable storage shed, $4,000.

Jackson Twp. – First Baptist Church of Camden, 26x36 post frame storage bldg., $10,000.

Jefferson Twp. – Franklin Hatke, 20x20 storage shed, $5,000 and Patrick Musser, 25x35 room addition, $60,000.

Monroe Twp. – Robert Gaither, 24x12 above ground pool, $22,000.

Tippecanoe Twp. – Jeffery Schoen, 24x40 2-story storage bldg., $8,000, and Dayna Keen, 10x16 deck and 21 ft. above ground pool, $1,200.

New addresses assigned for 911 - 0

Certificate of compliance – 5

Site visits - 21

Zoning verifications – 0

Flood plain verifications/ determinations – 3

CAFO pre-app permits – 0

Variance/exception requests – 1

Rezone requests – 0

Temporary permits issued - 0

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