2017-08-09 / Front Page

Coroner suggests expanding county morgue’s use

A building located at 115 Ohio St. in Camden serves as the Carroll County morgue. It used to be an ambulance garage. The zoning designation for the property is Urban-1. Public buildings for county government use are permitted in that zoning designation. Coroner Jordan Cree asked the County Council last week for funding in 2018 to purchase an autopsy table to be able to offer the building to pathologists to perform autopsies for neighboring counties. He was criticized for not taking care of the grounds and the condition of the building by a Council member. Commissioner Steve Pearson, who lives in Camden, has expressed he has received several complaints from neighbors about the condition of the building and grounds. Pearson advocates moving the morgue to a more suitable building and eliminating the current building from the county’s inventory. Comet photo by Debbie Lowe

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