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Softball complex to honor slain middle school students needs 16 to 20 acres

By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

Delphi City Council heard a report at the July 3 meeting from Mike Patty, the grandfather and guardian of slain Delphi Community Middle School student Liberty German, about proposed softball fields to honor the memory of Libby and her friend, Abigail Williams, whose lives were taken Feb. 13 of this year. Patty said, although he liked the area originally planned for the fields located at the intersection of East Main St. and the Hoosier Heartland Highway, because the land is in a flood plain, the location is not practical for the intended purpose.

“We can’t elevate a flood plain,” Patty said.

“The money for this project has come from the community,” Patty continued. “I consider myself a steward of the money and I want to build the ballpark for the community.”

Patty said he is a business person and knows the disadvantages of building a multi-use sports complex in an area that could significantly flood at times of high water. He said he is now looking for other location options.

“I need a piece of property that is suitable for this,” Patty told City Council members. “It will take 16 to 20 acres.”

Anyone who is willing to donate or sell the needed amount of land or has knowledge of that amount of acreage available can contact Mayor Shane Evans at (765) 564-3039 or Patty at pattymk83@gmail.com.


City Council members voted unanimously to approve an ordinance to allow Indiana Packers Corporation (IPC) to increase their wastewater flow at needed times. The ordinance was adopted in three readings in the meeting by suspending the rules of adoption.

Delphi Airport

City Council members approved a plan to allow Delphi Municipal Airport Board members to use surplus funds in the facility’s fuel rotary fund for Capital Expenses as well as fuel. It was noted this measure could reduce the need for taxpayer funding for the airport.

Other business

Mayor Evans indicated the City will submit applications to the State to receive Community Crossings funding for various road projects next year. He did not ask the City Council for approval, however he explained how the City would provide the 25 percent grant match for a submission. The Board of Works provided Evans with a letter of support for the road projects.

A resolution to accept IHCDA Community Development Block Grant funds for an upcoming Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program was approved unanimously.

The 2018 budget workshops will be Aug. 9 and 10 at 5:30 p.m. in City Hall. City Clerk Leanne Aldrich said all data must be inputted into Gateway, the State budget public access portal, by Aug. 23.

City Council member and representative to the Carroll County Area Plan Commission (APC), Dale Seward, asked the Mayor when he would be making his formal appointment to the planning commission. Evans said he has not found time to search for the appointee. Currently, Kirk Germond is serving in the capacity as the Mayor’s appointee. Germond’s term expired last December and he was not reappointed to the position. APC attorney Cindy Harmon advised Germond can continue in the position until he is formally replaced by the Mayor.

The next meeting will be Aug. 7 at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

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