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A past county Auditor is now the new county Auditor

Debbie Lowe, Staff writer

   Former Carroll County Auditor Beth Myers, who also serves as the County Republican Chair, was chosen Tuesday evening by precinct committee chairs in the Republican caucus at the Delphi VFW. Myers fills a vacancy created when former Auditor Tom Gray recently passed away.

    Myers was challenged in the caucus by Sharon Milburn and Becca Walker. Milburn currently works in the County Clerk’s office and Walker is a former Auditor’s office worker. Myers said she served as County Auditor for eight years, from 2003 to 2010 before being elected to the office of County Treasurer. Myers told the Comet Tuesday evening, she will resign from her position of Treasurer today, Wednesday, which will create a vacancy in that office. The resignation will trigger another caucus to choose Myers’ replacement.

    Commissioner Bill Brown provided comments before the vote. He said he apologized to the person he would be voting for, or the person elected to fill the vacancy. Brown said there is a reason auditors have not stayed in the position since June of 2014.

    “The door (to the caucus room) is not locked – run,” Brown advised. “You will be misrepresented. You will be hated.”

    “Be aware of what you are getting into,” he added.

    Precinct Committee Chair Scott Ayres said it is his hope for everyone in Carroll County to have a reason to be prideful again.

    “There are a ton of wounds that need to be healed,” he said.

    Myers said the first thing she will do as the new Auditor is to talk to the office staff and evaluate what actions should be taken immediately. She said she plans to keep the current staff if they choose to stay. In addition, she will review job descriptions for all staff and discuss questions and concerns with them. Myers said she understands the need for the staff to be cross-trained to ensure stable and consistent service to county residents.

    Myers said there has been too much turmoil in county government and she wants to instill confidence in the Auditor’s office as well as in county government. She said she intends to work in conjunction, not in contradiction, with all county government leaders.

    “I want to be a team player,” Myers said. “I plan to work with both the Commissioners and the County Council to bring stability back to county government.”

    “I want to be open with the Commissioners and the Council and I want them to be open with me,” Myers added.

    The decision to appoint Myers was reached in one vote by the precinct committee members. Myers earned 12 votes, Milburn five and Walker, two votes.

    Myers, as GOP Chair, said she will set a date for a caucus to fill the newly created vacancy in the Treasurer’s office as soon as possible.

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