2017-05-17 / Front Page

Carroll continues prepping for summer

By Lauri Rice
Contributing writer

As the school year winds down, Carroll Consolidated School Corporation continues making preparations for summer. During the May 9 meeting, Carroll School Board approved the elementary Jump Start teachers, summer work positions, and more projects.

Elementary Jump Start will be taught by: Malinda Blocher and Sarina Herron in Kindergarten, Aubree Smith in first grade, Jenelle Gish in second grade, Andrea O’Brien in third grade, Alesia Brown in fourth grade, Jana Conn in fifth grade, and Amy Cottrell in sixth grade.

Carroll will be hiring summer custodial workers at an hourly rate of $12.31. In recent years, the buses were cleaned by sports teams and extra-curricular clubs as fundraisers. Because of safety concerns, Carroll will hire two people to clean the buses this summer at an hourly rate of $7.50.

This summer all the toilets at Carroll schools will have autoflush valves installed. The cost of the valves is $14,168.

The elementary parking lot and the walk to the visitor bleachers at the football field will be sealed this summer at a cost of $10,768.

Two new 66-passenger buses will be purchased for a total of $163,754.

The board and administrators discussed hiring someone to install a PA system over the center court in the fieldhouse. This request was turned down with the intentions of finding someone who specializes in fieldhouse sound systems to work on the existing system to make it sound better.

Trisha Sproul is resigning her position as a Special Education aid. The Board thanked her for her years of service. High school Social Studies teacher Kevin Sayler will be the new varsity football coach. Bailey Filbrun will volunteer with the girls’ tennis team.

The cost of Driver Education was set at $395.

The next school board meeting will be May 23 at 6 p.m.

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