2017-04-19 / Public Records

Circuit Court

- Judge Benjamin Diener

Circuit Court judgments are gathered from public records on file in the Carroll County Clerk’s office on the second floor of the courthouse, Delphi.

Recent filings

Jefferson Capital Systems LLC filed a complaint against David Turbin.

Midland Funding LLC filed a complaint against Kariann Cohee.

An estate was admitted to probate for Edward R. Carr.

Midland Funding LLC filed complaints against the following: Patty Meyer; Terry Blume; Jeffrey Spence; Amy Thatcher; Jason Fuller; and Jessica Landeros.

Atlantic Credit & Finance Inc. filed a complaint against Tim Kendall.

Central Mutual Insurance Company filed a complaint against Joshua Ewing.

JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. filed a mortgage complaint against Scott A. Raisor, Edna M. Raisor and State of Indiana.

Benjimane K. Buchanan was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon.

* * *

Default judgments were entered for the plaintiff in: Credit Acceptance Corporation vs. Bridget L. Stevens and Rodney J. Stevens, $1,935.81; Capital One Bank (USA) N.A. vs. Marsha I. Pratt, $2,896.25; Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. Stanley Hunley; JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. vs. Carol A. Pereira, $55,839.12; Capital One Bank (USA) N.A. vs. Chad L. Riley, $2,376.81; Credit Acceptance Corporation vs. James R. Rankin and Misty D. Rankin, $6,068.11; Industrial Federal Credit Union vs. April D. Lear and Juan V. Lear, $1,161.10; Discover Bank vs. William Kelley, $14,943.74; and Vicki Clark vs. Herschel Irvin d/b/a Irvin Enterprises LLC, $3,126.73.

Midland Funding LLC received default judgments against the following: Michael Ellis, $999.24; Christopher Maxson, $1,915.94; Lisa Cooper, $588.70; Toni Draper, $679.15; Atrayue Baird, $1,035.24; Kimberly Ellis, $679.24; Rani Milligan, $4,160.52

The following were found in arrears of their child support: Dale Babcock, $7,374.22; Brian Burge, $1,265; Jason Ennis, $6,965.13; Shawn D. Smith, $15,903.08; Daniel Morgan, $2,684; Krystal Davis, $6,414; Robert Lindley, $3,630.78; Jennie L. Endress, $16,856; Matthew Hughes, $5,309; Stacy Ayers, $2,217; Brandon Spencer, $12,650; Brett Sandifur, $18,326.72.

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