2017-04-19 / Looking Back

Looking Back

An elderly woman sits on her porch at her home in Carroll County in 1890. She is reading “Peck’s Bad Boy and Compendium of Fun.” An elderly woman sits on her porch at her home in Carroll County in 1890. She is reading “Peck’s Bad Boy and Compendium of Fun.” From files of Carroll County Comet, Journal-Citizen, Hoosier Democrat, Delphi Journal, the Flora History website and the Carroll County Historical Museum.


Michael Dart, general counsel for the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance said the 2007 budget submitted by Carroll County was tentatively approved but reduced by $337,824. When DLGF compared the reported budget amount with the revenue amount, the difference was removed from spending to match county revenue.

The Carroll County Chamber of Commerce sponsored a Carroll County at the Crossroads/Focus on the Future forum to help develop Carroll County for economic development. Two economic developmental marketing specialists were invited to speak to the public.


Carroll County Commissioners addressed the problem with City of Delphi trucks filling the 40-cubic yard containers at the county transfer station leaving no room for county residents to unload their trash. Transfer station operator Junior Maxwell agreed to work with the city to coordinate efforts so county residents and city trucks could be accommodated without undue delays.

Many phone calls were received at the Comet office when a Wal-Mart sign was spotted in West Delphi across from Dave’s IGA. Delphi Mayor Sam Deiwert nor Area Plan Commissioner Dale Huffer knew anything about the business coming to Delphi. It was decided the sign was posted as a prank.


Flora Town Board adopted General Ordinance I-67 that provides for destruction of dangerous buildings, sheds, fences and other man made structures which because of faulty construction, age, lack of repair or other causes became dangerous and a public nuisance.

Richard Cornell sold Cornell Funeral Home in Delphi to James Lloyd of Logansport and James R. Sullivan, an undertaker from Camden. Cornell has opened a men’s clothing store in Delphi in the former Clifford Clothing room of the I.O.O.F. building.


Standard Food Market in Delphi is one of the progressive stores that adopted a new selfserve method. It is the first and only self-serve market that allows every customer to do their own shopping at leisure and with a savings. The store was rearranged and several gondolas (shelves on both sides) were installed. Carts are also provided for customer convenience.


The American flag was hoisted to the top of a 70 foot Wabash Sycamore pole in Burrows which could be seen above all the tree tops and buildings in the little town. Hez Robison, a well-known brave union solider veteran was Master of Ceremonies and addressed the almost 1,000 American citizens gathered for patriotic celebration. Attorneys George W. Julien, P.H. O’Donnell and William C. Smith reminded the audience to be patriotic and loyal to the flag at all times whether during the dark hours of war or during the sunshine of peace.

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