2017-04-19 / Local News

Unsupervised canine attacks child in Wildwood MHP

By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

A Carroll County deputy shot an unsupervised dog in a mobile home park just south of Pyrmont last Thursday as a result of the animal’s encounter with an eight-year-old boy. The dog, a male mixed breed Great Dane and Black Labrador weighing between 50 and 60 pounds, inflicted three puncture wounds, which tore the child’s skin, as the youth was running across a grassy area, according to Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby. The dog ran away when another child started screaming.

The unsupervised dog ran back to the owner’s mobile home and stood in the door as Deputy Jay Schimmel approached it. The dog became agitated and Schimmel felt the need to neutralize the animal for safety reasons. The injured animal was taken to local veterinarian Dr. Lawrence Stauffer’s office in Delphi where he was treated for the gunshot wound and is still under quarantine.

Leazenby said neighbors reported the dog, owned by Jordan Snider, was not usually allowed to roam, however the owner was cited for harboring a non-immunized dog.

“The subject of animal control in Carroll County is a hot topic right now, I know,” Leazenby told the Comet Tuesday. “But, having an animal control program would not have prevented this situation. We would have had the same outcome.”

“This all boils down to owner responsibility,” Leazenby concluded.

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